List of Jewish cemeteries in Romania

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The list of Jewish cemeteries in Romania gives an overview of Jewish cemeteries in Romania ( Cimitir evreilor (cemetery of the Jews) / Cimitir evreiesc (Jewish cemetery) / cimirirul evreiesc (Jewish cemetery)). The list does not claim to be complete. They are sorted alphabetically according to the place names.

List of cemeteries

designation image place circle Further information
Jewish cemetery (Arbore) Arbore Suceava
Jewish cemetery (Bacau) 20171004 125702 Jewish cemetery in Bacău.jpg
Bacau (German: Bakau )
Bacau please refer
Jewish cemetery (Brașov) Jewish cemetery Brasov Romania.jpg
Brașov (German: Kronstadt )
coordinates are missing! Help.
Brașov please refer
Jewish cemeteries in Bucharest Bucharest please refer
Jewish cemetery (Câmpulung Moldovenesc) Câmpulung Moldovenesc
(German: Kimpolung )
Jewish cemetery (Cehu Silvaniei) Cehu Silvaniei Sălaj
Jewish cemetery (Cluj-Napoca) Cluj-Napoca
(German: Klausenburg )
Jewish cemetery (Gura Humorului) Cimitirul evreiesc din Gura Humorului2.jpg
Gura Humorului
coordinates are missing! Help.
Suceava please refer
Jewish cemetery (Hodod) Hodod Satu Mare
Jewish cemetery (Iași) Iași Iași
Jewish cemetery (Constana) Constana Constanța
Jewish cemetery (Lelei (Satu Mare)) Lelei Satu Mare
Jewish cemetery (Luncani) Luncani-Jewish Cemetery2.jpg
Cluj please refer
Jewish cemetery (Mihăileni (Botoșani)) Mihăileni Botoșani
Jewish cemetery (Moldovița (Suceava)) Moldovita Suceava
Jewish cemetery (Nadișu Hododului) Nadișu Hododului Satu Mare
Jewish cemetery (Podu Iloaiei) Jewishcemetery.jpg
Podu Iloaiei
Iași please refer
Jewish cemetery (Rădăuți) Rădăuți Jewish cemetary, monument to RIF soap.  01.jpg
Rădăuți (German: Radautz )
coordinates are missing! Help.
Suceava see
[1] , Radautz 2
New Jewish Cemetery (Răducăneni) Răducăneni
Jewish cemetery (Satu Mare) Satu Mare
Satu Mare
Jewish cemeteries in Sibiu Jewish cemetary Sibiu 02.jpg
Sibiu (German: Hermannstadt )
coordinates are missing! Help.
Sibiu please refer
Jewish cemetery (Siret) Siret
coordinates are missing! Help.
Jewish cemetery (Solca) Solca Suceava
Jewish cemetery (Turda) Turda, Jewish cemetery, 2009-DSC04665.jpg
Turda (German: Thorenburg )
coordinates are missing! Help.
Cluj please refer
Jewish cemetery (Vama (Suceava)) Vama Suceava

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