List of ships in the Swedish Navy

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Operational units

HMS stands for Hans / Hennes Majestäts Skepp ( German  His / Her Majesty's Ship )


Stockholm class

Gothenburg class

Visby class

HMS Harnosand Hamburg.jpg
Photo: HMS Härnösand

In the test operation Visby class

Mine clearance boats

Styrsö class

Landsort class

Cuxhaven Watt M77 01 (RaBoe) .jpg
Photo: HMS Ulvön


Gotland class

Södermanland- class

Submarine rescue vehicle

Mine layers

Guard vehicles

Supply vehicles

Staff and crew vehicles

Submarine rescue vehicle

Submarine tender

Transport vehicle

Special vehicles

Training vehicles

More beautiful

Vehicles for navigation training

Historical units

Torpedbåtar ( speed boats )

The assignment of the Swedish ship classes is not entirely successful. The Swedish Navy did not develop the small torpedo boats of the late 19th century and then replaced them with units that were speed boats according to the German classification.

1: a Klasse torpedbåt

  • HMS Blixt (1898)
  • HMS meteor (1899)
  • HMS Stjärna (1899)
  • HMS Hurricane (1900)
  • HMS Bris (1900)
  • HMS Vind (1900)
  • HMS Virgo (1902)
  • HMS Mira (1902)
  • HMS Orion (1902)
  • HMS Sirius
  • HMS Kapella
  • HMS Pleiad (1905)
  • HMS Iris
  • HMS Thetis
  • HMS Spica
  • HMS Astrea
  • HMS Antares
  • HMS Arcturus
  • HMS Altair (1909)
  • HMS Argo
  • HMS Polaris
  • HMS Perseus
  • HMS Regulus (1910)
  • HMS Rigel
  • HMS Kastor (1909)
  • HMS Pollux (1909)
  • HMS Vega (1910)
  • HMS Vesta (1910)

2: a class torpedbåt

HMS Perseus (T101)

Pleiad class (1953) 1954–1977

HMS Plejad T102
HMS Polaris T103
HMS Pollux T104
HMS Regulus T105
HMS Rigel T106
HMS Aldebaran T107
HMS Altair T108
HMS Antares T109
HMS Arcturus T110
HMS Argo T111
HMS Astrea T112

Spica class 1966 - 1987

Norrköping class (also Spica II) 1973–1983

From 1973 to 1983 they were used as torpedo boats . At that time they had the letter "T" in their identification; then they were converted to missile speedboats .

For the list of boats see below.

Missile speedboats

Norrköping class (also "Ystad class") 1983-2005

1982-83 the torpedo speedboats (see above) were converted to anti-ship missiles and then had an "R" in their identification. The last two boats (R131, R142) were decommissioned on September 1, 2005.


The Swedish Navy classifies the small MTB separately from the larger "Torpedbåtar"

Italian miniature speedboats (MAS) from the First World War .

  • MTB1 and MTB2

British miniature speedboats from the 1920s

  • MTB3 and MTB4

American PT boats

  • T1 and T2

British Vosper MTB

  • T3 and T4

Italian MAS from the late 1930s

  • T11 to T14

Swedish self-build (22.5 t) from World War II (derived from Italian MAS)

  • T15 to T20

Swedish self-build (27 t) from World War II

  • T21 to T31

Swedish self-build (40 t) from the early 1950s

  • T32 to T41

Swedish self-build (40 t) from the late 1950s

  • T42 to T56

Patrol boats

The last three patrol boats were decommissioned on September 1, 2005.

Buoy boats

For sonobuoy .

Mine ships


Västergötland class

Torpedo boats


Öland class

Halland class

Östergötland class


Coastal armored ships


Meanwhile under civilian occupation.

Kitchen ships

Meanwhile under civilian occupation.

Remaining units