Lucky Luciano (film)

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Original title Lucky Luciano
Lucky Luciano (film) Logo.png
Country of production Italy
original language English , Italian
Publishing year 1973
length 105 minutes
Director Francesco Rosi
script Jerome Chodorov (English adaptation), Tonino Guerra , Lino Iannuzzi
production Franco Cristaldi
music Piero Piccioni
camera Pasqualino De Santis
cut Ruggero Mastroianni

Lucky Luciano is an Italian drama movie about the Italian-American gangster Lucky Luciano from 1973.


Francesco Rosi draws a portrait of Luciano's later years, when he had already been expelled from the USA to Sicily and from there started a large-scale heroin trade.

The film provides a multi-layered analysis of the life of the Mafia boss Lucky Luciano; the then leading drug defense agent Charles Siragusa was Luciano's biggest real life adversary and plays himself in the film. In Luciano's film biography, director Rosi places less emphasis on retelling the external events, rather he emphasizes the mechanisms and motivations of a mafia-like clan formation.

The film ends with Luciano's death at the airport.

With this film, Rosi also provides a picture of the mood of the 1960s and 1970s, almost by the way.


“A complex analysis full of allusions. Francesco Rosi is less concerned with external events than with the mechanisms and driving forces that work behind them. The mafia king becomes clear as part of a system that is not only able to endanger the state, but can even control it. "


The first broadcast of the film on German television was on April 7, 1974 at 9 p.m. on ARD.

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