Ludwig Wilhelm Brüggemann

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Ludwig Wilhelm Brüggemann

Ludwig Wilhelm Brüggemann (born March 1, 1743 in Jakobshagen in Western Pomerania , † March 1, 1817 in Stettin ) was a German Protestant clergyman , author and geographer .

life and work

The son of the Jakobshagen pastor and prepositus of the Jakobshagen Synod in the Prussian province of Pomerania , like his father Zacharias Brüggemann, embarked on a spiritual career. In 1765 he took over a pastor's position in Gielsdorf in the Mittelmark . In the same year he moved to Berlin, where he became field and garrison preacher in the Koschenbahr infantry regiment . Linked to this was a position as a teacher and pastor for the sister of King Friedrich II , Princess Amalie of Prussia . In Berlin he founded a reading society for English literature, which Johann Joachim Spalding and Wilhelm Abraham Teller joined , among others .

In 1773 he became court preacher at the Castle Church in Stettin and a member of the Pomeranian Consistory . In this position he worked for 52 years until his death in 1817. Brüggemann possessed extensive knowledge in the field of classical Greek and Latin literature and dealt extensively with Cicero , among other things . Anton Friedrich Büsching's description of the Mark Brandenburg inspired him to design a similar book about Pomerania. With the support of the Chamber President von Schoening, he completed the work with contributions from the Pomeranian administrative and church officials as well as materials from the state archives. His writing based on this information he had corrected in a revision procedure by the local provincial and church authorities and the correctness confirmed. As a result, his description of Pomerania remained an important reference work for the Pomeranian authorities for a long time. It was not until the time of the Prussian reforms and other social changes that it lost its relevance.

Ludwig Wilhelm Brüggemann was married twice. His only son, who worked as an assessor at the Provincial Higher Court in Stettin, died before him.


  • A view of the English Editions, Translations and Illustrations of the ancient Greek and Latin authors with remarks by Lewis William Brüggemann, counselor of the consistory at Stettin in Pomerania , 1797.
  • Detailed description of the current state of the Königl. Prussian Duchy of Vor and Hinter Pomerania .


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