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Mark Brandenburg under the Ascanians (1320) with the Mittelmark east of the Altmark , south of the Uckermark and west of the Neumark

The Mittelmark is a historical geographical term that refers to the original core area of ​​the Mark Brandenburg (around 1417). The name probably refers to the location in the middle between the two former Brandenburg landscapes Altmark (west of the Elbe) and Neumark (east of the Oder).

Mittelmark was also the name of a province of the Hohenzollern regions established in 1713 (see Prussia ), which, however, only existed for a short time.

The term has been used again since 1993 when the Potsdam-Mittelmark district was founded. However, this only comprises a small part of the original Mittelmark. In addition, the southern part of the district with the district town of Bad Belzig historically does not belong to the Mittelmark, but was part of Saxony until the Congress of Vienna in 1815 .