Ludwik Zejszner

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Ludwik Zejszner

Ludwik Zejszner , also Ludwig Zeuschner , (born August 15, 1803 in Warsaw , † January 3, 1871 in Cracow ) was a Polish mineralogist , geologist , cartographer and university professor .


Zejszner, son of German-born Hof Pharmacist King Stanislaus II. August Poniatowski , went to a two-year study at the philosophical faculty of the University of Warsaw to Berlin , where he attended the Friedrich-Wilhelms University in Berlin science and philosophy studied and Hegel and Ritter personally got to know. In 1826 he moved to the University of Göttingen , where he received his doctorate in 1829 with his dissertation on a topic of crystallography . In the dispute ofNeptunists with the plutonists , he took the side of the plutonists.

In 1829 Zejszner became head of the chair of mineralogy at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. During the November uprising of 1830/1831 he campaigned for Polish independence, after which he was dismissed in 1833. He was then the mining director of the Krakow Republic . In 1848 he returned to the Jagiellonian University. In 1857 he became an employee of the Warsaw Medical - Surgical Academy and the State Geological Bureau, where he made maps and investigated deposits . He created the first geological map of the Tatra Mountains , which was later used in their maps by Roderick Murchison and Wilhelm von Haidinger .

Zejszner returned to Galicia after the January uprising of 1863/1864, which he rejected, and worked in the Carpathian oil industry .

In 1870 Zejszner returned to Krakow. On January 3, 1871, he was murdered by his servant, although the background remained unclear. He was buried in the Rakowicki Cemetery.


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