Lysá hora (Beskids)

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Lysá hora
Lysa berg.JPG
height 1323  m
location Czech Republic , Moravskoslezský kraj
Mountains Moravian-Silesian Beskids
Coordinates 49 ° 32 '46 "  N , 18 ° 26' 55"  E Coordinates: 49 ° 32 '46 "  N , 18 ° 26' 55"  E
Lysá hora (Beskids) (Czech Republic)
Lysá hora (Beskids)

Lysá hora (German: Kahlberg , Upper Silesian: Gigula ) is the highest mountain in the Moravian-Silesian Beskids (1323 m above sea level) with four smaller wooded secondary peaks. It is four kilometers east of Ostravice .


The massif belongs to the cadastre of the municipalities of Ostravice , Krásná , Staré Hamry and Malenovice . It is separated from the neighboring mountains by the deep valleys of the Ostravice, Řečice and Mohelnice rivers. Four smaller secondary peaks descend from the main Gigula peak: Lukšinec, Malchor, Zimní Polana and Velký Kobylík.


The average temperature on the Kahlberg is 2.6 ° C, the annual rainfall averages 1,459 millimeters. This makes the mountain one of the rainiest places in the Czech Republic. The weather station on the mountain is an important indicator of flooding in the Oder river system . On July 7, 1997, a rainfall of 170 liters per square meter was registered on the Lysá hora . The 1997 flood of the Oder then caused damage amounting to the equivalent of 3.8 billion euros in the Czech Republic and Poland alone .

Flora and fauna

The actual hilltop lies above the tree line and was originally bare. Today's mountain pine vegetation is artificially created. Mainly spruces grow below the tree line . The more remote areas are habitat for rare animals such as the capercaillie and the European lynx . Golden eagles and lesser spotted eagles nested here until the end of the last century . However, they have since disappeared.

There are several smaller nature reserves in the Kahlberg massif. The most valuable is the Mazák National Nature Reserve (proclaimed 1926), which extends over 93 hectares on the steep western slope in the headwaters of the stream of the same name. Autochthonous spruce forests grow here , reaching a height of 1315 meters, just below the tree line . The forests on the northern slope are protected by the Mazácký Grúnik nature reserve (96 hectares). The Malenovický kotel nature reserve (146 hectares) and the Vodopády Satiny natural monument (8.76 hectares) encompass the entire length of the river bed and the waterfalls on the mountain river Satina. To the north-west of the peak there is a cave system , the Ondrášovy díry natural monument (4.5 hectares). The walkable length of the system is 217 meters.


The Kahlberg was mentioned in a document as early as the 13th century as Lissa huera . In the 18th century the Silesian brigand Ondráš is said to have hidden here, around whom many folk tales are entwined.

The importance of the mountain increased during the hiking tourism boom in the 19th century. The poet Petr Bezruč often stayed on the Kahlberg and immortalized it in his works, which increased the popularity of the area. Tourism also came into the focus of nationalist interests. After 1880, the first German mountain hut was built with the support of the Duchy of Teschen . After 1918 it belonged to the Beskydy Association . The Czech Tourists Club (KČT) built its own hut in 1935. Both huts burned out in 1972 and 1978.

From 1939 to 1945 the Kahlberg was the highest mountain in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia .

Infrastructure and sights

View of the television tower on the Lysá Hora (photo from 1996)

A 78-meter-high television tower dominates the top , as well as a meteorological station and several temporary mountain huts and accommodation. There is a ski slope on the southern slope. Another slope on the north slope is in the ecologically valuable area and is out of service. The Šance dam lies south of the Kahlberg massif .

On the side peak Malchor, at 925 meters above sea level, there is the stone monument Ivančena in memory of 18 members of the scout movement who were executed on April 24, 1945 in Cieszyn , Poland . Commemorative events are held here every year.

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