MDR time travel

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Television broadcast
German title MDR time travel
MDR time travel Logo.png
Country of production Germany
Central German radio
length 30 minutes
genre History magazine
Moderation Gunter Schoß (2007–2015)
Mirko Drotschmann (2015–2018)
Janett Eger (since 2019)
First broadcast January 16, 2007 on MDR television

MDR Zeitreise , from 2007 to 2011 BARBAROSSA - the history magazine of the MDR , from 2011 to 2015 history of Central Germany - the magazine , is a television program produced by Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) and broadcast on MDR television . In addition to the magazine, there is also a documentary series History of Central Germany . In addition to the two-week television magazine program, the history offering of the MDR also includes an internet portal, the MDR Zeitreise Regio app , and the MDR Zeitreise2go YouTube offer .



The history magazine was hosted by actor and Grimme Prize winner Gunter Schoß from its first broadcast (January 16, 2007) . Gunter Schoß, who has presented the MDR documentary series History of Central Germany since 1999 , was thus closely connected to the topic of history at Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk. From 2008 onwards, the presentations for the broadcast were recorded in the premises of the Leipzig branch of the House of History , the Contemporary History Forum Leipzig .

The history magazine was moderated from September 15, 2015 to March 24, 2019 by journalist, historian and YouTuber Mirko Drotschmann . Mirko Drotschmann works as an author for various ARD stations and the ZDF regularly on historical topics. On YouTube ("MDR. Wissen2go") he has been conveying various knowledge topics, primarily historical content, to a broad audience since 2012. Young people and students in particular use his videos to prepare for lessons or for a quick first thematic overview. The presentations for the program will be recorded on the premises of the Leipzig power plant. On March 24, 2019, the moderation was handed over to Janett Eger . But she never moderated the magazine and the video with the handover to Eger has disappeared from YouTube.

editorial staff

The editorial responsibility for the multimedia offer lies with the MDR TV editorial team for history and documentary film. The editorial team is also responsible for historical documentaries, internationally co-produced documentaries and themed evenings for MDR, ARD and arte.


The magazine is a half-hour history magazine that usually consists of four six-minute articles. These are created primarily through archive and private recordings as well as interviews with contemporary witnesses and scientists. The latter come mostly from historical and cultural studies or from the disciplines of social , cultural , religious and art history as well as economic and technological history .

The magazine is not limited to contemporary historical content, but also presents topics from social, cultural, religious, art and regional history as well as economic and technological history beyond the boundaries of contemporary history. Public figures are also often interviewed. The magazine plays a special role in coming to terms with GDR history, which, however, does not dominate the program. In addition, there are recurring sections in the magazine, such as “Change of scenery”, in which public figures report on their personal experiences since 1989. MDR Zeitreise is the only regular history magazine in the ARD, in the first and third programs.

In addition, long special programs under the title MDR Zeitreise Spezial are broadcast on selected anniversaries , for example on the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Dresden and the liberation of Buchenwald , on the 200th birthday of Otto von Bismarck or on the 60th anniversary of the founding of the NVA (National People's Army ) .

additional offers

The MDR Zeitreise Regio app for smartphones and tablets has been available for the Android and iOS operating systems since July 2014. With the help of 150 short archive films and hundreds of historical photos, the user can discover what happened in the streets of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia in the 1970s and 1980s at almost 300 stations in 12 cities on editorially recommended routes. The app is constantly being updated with new cities, routes and historical additions (e.g. "after 1945").

Well-known ambassadors could be won for the app, each of whom has a very special bond with the individual cities:

MDR Zeitreise has been operating its own YouTube channel MDR Zeitreise2go since autumn 2015 . Five to twelve-minute history videos are published there, usually on a weekly basis. Moderator Mirko Drotschmann explains various historical facts across the ages and issues, from "The City in the Middle Ages" to the "Economic System of the GDR". The clips are enriched with original material or graphics. There are various playlists such as "Celebrities of History" (short biographies from Karl Marx to Karl May), "Time travel to GDR television" or "Voices for reunification".

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