Al-Kufra municipality

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Municipality of al-Kufra - الكفرة
Capital al-Jauf
Residents 50,104  (as of 2006)
surface 483,510  km²
Population density 0.1 inhabitants per km²
Coordinates 24 ° 0 ′  N , 23 ° 0 ′  E Coordinates: 24 ° 0 ′  N , 23 ° 0 ′  E
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Municipal area before 2007
The UN map of Libya shows the most important oases

al-Kufra , Arabic الكفرة, DMG al-Kufra , is a municipality located in the southeast of the Libyan Arab Republic . It occupies the entire south of the historical Great Province of Kyrenaica .


The capital of al-Kufra is al- Jawf (Al Jawf) in the area of ​​the Kufra oases (8793 km²). There is a large oil refinery near the capital. 250 km northwest of the Kufra oases lies the Tazirbu oasis (6343 km²) (تزربر). The two oasis areas also define the two districts ( shabyat ) of the municipality.

In addition to the two large oasis areas, there are also smaller oases or groups of oases in the municipality:

  • Rabyānah (ربيانة) (Erbehna) (314 km²)

24 ° 16 '27 "  N , 22 ° 0' 46"  O 180 km west of the Kufra oasis basin and 170 km south-east of Tazirbu

  • Bazīmah (بزيمة) (Buseima) (320 km²)

24 ° 55 '12 "  N , 22 ° 3' 14"  O 124 km northwest of the Kufra oasis basin and 120 km south-east of Tazirbu

  • Zīghan (بئر زيغن) (Wadi Zighen, Sighen) (2054 km²)

25 ° 29 '53 "  N , 22 ° 7' 4"  O 168 km northwest of the Kufra oasis basin and 98 kilometers east of Tazirbu

In 2003, 51,433 people lived in the municipality of al-Kufra on an area of ​​483,510 km² at that time. Since the administrative reform in 2007, a northern strip has been assigned to the Munizip al-Wahat .

Today the municipality has the following limits to the other municipalities:

In the east al-Kufra has a border with Egypt , in the southeast with Sudan and in the south with Chad .

In the south-west, the northern foothills of the Tibesti Mountains extend far into the region. In it lies the highest mountain in Libya, the 2,268 meter high Bikku Bitti . In the south are smaller parts of the province in the Chad Basin .

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