Namibian women's national hockey team

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Association: Namibia Hockey Union
FIH world rankings : 11 (hall)
Trainer: Ervin Handura
Record national players: ?
Record scorer: ?

The Namibian hockey national women , the Hockey - National Team Namibia . It was founded in 2001 together with the umbrella organization, the Namibia Hockey Union .

For the first time in 2011 , the women's selection qualified for a World Cup.

In 2018, the women from Namibia took part in the indoor hockey world championship for the second time and barely missed the quarter-finals. Kiana-Che Cormack, the team's youngest player at the age of 16, was the top scorer together with Yana Vorushylo (UKR).

Currently (as of May 2020) Namibia ranks 11th in the world - and 1st in the Africa ranking.



The specified roster is based on the nomination for the Indoor Hockey World Championship 2018 in Germany.

Surname Calls
Petro Stoffberg (gate) 24
Jocelle Deysel 13
Suzanne van Lill 0
Sunelle Ludwig 5
Kiana-che Cormack 0
Jeani wood 5
Dure Boshoff 5
Marcia Venter 32
Margreth Mengo (captain) 37
Ina Louis 17th
Gillian Hermanus 14th
Jerrica Barlett 32
Phea Gerber 22nd
Jivanka Kruger 0
Sonet Crous (gate) 0
Berencia Diamond (gate) 2

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