Nine Lives (2002)

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German title Nine lives
Original title Nine lives
Country of production Great Britain
original language English
Publishing year 2002
length 82 minutes
Age rating FSK 16 (DVD version)
Director Andrew Green
script Andrew Green
production Andrew Green
Alexander Green
Giles Hattersley
Nikolas Korda
music Josh Grafton
Edward White
camera Robin Vidgeon
cut Paul Knight

Nine Lives (alternative title: Nine Lives - Das Haus des Schreckens ) is a horror film made in 2002 by Andrew Green , who also wrote the screenplay. Paris Hilton plays a supporting role .


Tim is turning 21 and that's supposed to be celebrated with a big party. Eight other friends join him, with whom he would like to celebrate on the family estate in Scotland. Too bad that there is still a uninvited tenth guest in the house. Friends first notice this after they have eaten together, and a loud scream echoes through the corridors of the old walls. When all friends finally arrive at the "crime scene", they can only find out that their friend Jo is dead. The only one missing is Jo's friend Tom.

You will soon find him too, albeit with empty eye sockets. And so finally find out the last survivors of the massacre, Emma and Andy, that the ghost of the vengeful Scot Murray haunts the house. He has been evicted from his property by Tim's ancestors in the past, but refused to leave and his eyes were torn out.

After each murder, the spirit of the old one wanders into the body of the next, usually the murderer of the previous host body. In the end, Tom is murdered by Emma, ​​whereupon Andy assumes that Murray's spirit is now in her body. He has barricaded himself in a room, against whose door Emma knocks inexorably and yells for admission. To prevent Andy from having to kill her and then the ghost spilling over onto him, she takes her own life.


The lexicon of international films wrote that the film was a "bungling horror film on the verge of ridiculousness" . It criticized the “endless dialogues” and the “tolerably harmonious atmosphere” .


  • The film was shot in Hertfordshire ( England ) from April 8 to May 1, 2002 and was released on August 26, 2002 at the London Film Festival .
  • In Germany it was first shown on television in October 2005.
  • The actual DVD version (FSK 16) was shown by VOX on TV with FSK 12.
  • Paris Hilton likes to pretend she doesn't remember the movie because of the bad reviews.
  • "Nine Lives" is a student film.
  • Just 20 minutes after the start of the film, the other Hiltons character Jo found dead in the bathroom.
  • In 2005 another film by the director Rodrigo García appears under the title Nine Lives (2005) , this has no connection to this film.

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