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The Oldenburg Children's and Young People's Book Prize has been awarded annually by the City of Oldenburg since 1977 for first-time works in the field of children's and young people's literature. The prize is endowed with 8,000 euros (as of 2018). The award ceremony takes place as part of the Oldenburg children's and youth book fair KIBUM.

Awards ceremonies

year Author Title of the work
1977 Leonie Ossowski

Dietlof Reiche

Hanni Schaaf

The big flutter

The lead seal forger

Suddenly it happened

1978 Franz Hohler

Dagmar Kekulé

Wolfgang Fischbach


I am a cloud

The day before yesterday our rooster rolled

1979 Sabine Friedrichson (Ed.)

Monika fur

Fundevogel and other favorite fairy tales

Anna in the other country

1980 Mirjam Pressler bitter chocolate
1981 Anatol Feid

Einar Schleef

Your father is a traitor


1982 Nikolaus Heidelbach

Heinz Knappe

The elephant meeting

Light rain near Hamburg

1983 Michael Brenner

Gudrun Maecker

Using Weiden as an example: everyday Jewish life under National Socialism

Anna and the Tatzelwurm

1984 Martin Hülsmann

Karin Schanne

Over with us: an encounter with the GDR

Attacks: the mad reporter Egon Erwin Kisch

1985 Carl Gredé

Hanna Lehnert

How many times have I been killed: the 113 pieces of paper from Daniel C.

Like a rusty nail in the board - or: the second escape

1986 Jochen Sommer

Heike Ellermann

Rosas Gold and the Treasure Trove

A letter in the nasturtium

1987 Regula Venske

Gert Loschütz

Oh Fanny! From Jewish girl to Prussian novelist

The penny mark. The story of Tom Courtey's honor and Benjamin Walz's shame

1988 The prize was not awarded.
1989 Karin Grütter and Annemarie Ryter Stronger than you think. A chapter of silent history
1991 Henning Pawel

Bernd Mölck

Joschka's dog

Enrico and the leopard aviator

1992 Ulrike Boljahn , Sylvia Deinert and Tine Krieg The family album
1993 Josef Holub The red Nepomuk
1994 The prize was not awarded.
1996 Juliane Plöger Chef Eduard dreams
1996 Wiebke Oeser Berta's boats. A story with three ends in pictures and words
1997 Helene Kynast

Sigurd Pruetz

Everything bolero

Cornelius or Because you then find something else

1998 The prize was not awarded.
1999 Zoran Drvenkar Nobody as strong as us
2000 Nadia Budde One two three beast
2001 Burkhard spiders Belgian giants
2002 Tamara Bach Martian girls
2003 Mirijam Günter

Jens Thiele


Jo in the red dress

2004 Manuela Olten Real men
2005 Sofie Koffa Disturbance of the dead rest
2006 The prize was not awarded.
2007 Beate Teresa Hanika Malvina in the soap bubble
Shortlist: Thomas Binotto : Do it again, Charlie! ; Maja Bohn : The incredible story of Mr. Fly ; Rolf-Bernhard Essig : Pleasure to write & frustration of poets ; Freya Nebe : Everywhere just fear in the eyes ; Tilo Walther : If so, it would have to be something really big
2008 Gabi Kreslehner Ringlotten on the strawberry tree
Shortlist: Lizzy Hollatko : Little Manto ; Thorsten Nesch : Joyride Ost ; Ann Cathrin Raab : Whispering ticks
2009 Veronika Rotfuß

Kirsten Reinhardt

Mosquito in March

Fennymore's Journey - Or Why Smelly Socks Can Also Be Useful Sometimes

2010 The Oldenburg Children's and Youth Book Prize was not announced in 2010 .
2011 Nils Mohl Once upon a time there was Indian land
2012 Rolf Lappert Pampas Blues
2013 Sabine Raml Heroic days (do what you love)
2014 Lara protective bag And also so bitterly cold
2015 Florian Wacker Dahlenberger
2016 The prize was not awarded.
2017 Julya Rabinowich In between: me
2018 Michèle Minelli Is it happening today? Is it happening now?
2019 Tanja Fabsits The goldfish is innocent

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