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PS is an abbreviation for:


Biology and Medicine:


Computer and Technology:

  • Packet session or packet switched , packet-oriented data transmission in mobile communications, see packet switching
  • Parametric stereo , a method of audio data compression
  • Photoshop , an image editing program from Adobe, see Adobe Photoshop
  • PlayStation , a game console from Sony
  • Pixel shader , a sub-unit of the graphics processor
  • MPEG program stream, an MPEG (-2) container format
  • PostScript , a page description language
    • .ps, the filename extension for the PostScript file format
  • PowerShell , a command line interpreter, see Windows PowerShell
  • Project system , a module of the SAP R / 3 software
  • Proton Synchrotron , a particle accelerator at CERN in Geneva
  • ps (Unix) , a Unix utility that prints a list of running processes
  • .ps , the top-level domain of Palestine

Physical units:

  • Petasiemens , a unit of measurement for electrical conductance that can be formed in the SI, see Siemens (unit)
  • Horsepower , an outdated physical unit of measure for power , SI : 1 hp = 735 watts
  • Picosecond , the unit symbol (10 −12 s)
  • pS denotes pikosiemens , a unit of measurement for electrical conductivity, see Siemens (unit)

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Writing and Linguistics :

Ps denotes:

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