Pardes (film)

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German title Pardes
Original title Pardes
Country of production India
original language Hindi
Publishing year 1997
length 195 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Subhash Ghai
script Subhash Ghai
production Subhash Ghai
music Nadeem Saifi , Shravan Kumar
camera Kabir Lal
cut Renu Saluja

Pardes ( Devanagari : परदेस, Nastaliq : پردیس English : Foreign Country , German: foreign ) is a directed and production of Subhash Ghai incurred Indian film from the year 1997 .


Pardes, in the sense of "foreign land", is a story about Ganga ( Mahima Chaudhry ), a young Indian girl who lives in a rural village in India and was raised by her conservative Indian family.

Kishorilal ( Amrish Puri ), a millionaire, left India with ten dollars in his pocket to take control of his own destiny in America. He grew up - the greatest of them all, owns buildings and his own empire, and a large family to support him in his endeavors and in the company.

Although he does not live in India, he has not lost his Indian values, his deep love and patriotism for the country he was born in. He always tries to anchor Indian values, culture and ideals in the minds of his family, especially with his son Rajiv ( Apoorva Agnihotri ), who is now the second generation American and who was born and raised in the West. Kishorilal comes to India to find a traditional Indian girl for his American son.

He discovers Kusum Ganga, the daughter of an old friend ( Alok Nath ) who is the epitome of Indian culture for him and sends Rajiv and his foster son Arjun ( Shah Rukh Khan ) to India to meet them. But he knows it will take him a long time to convince his son Rajiv because he has never seen or traveled to India. Arjun is now traveling a few days ahead to prepare everything for the arrival of Rajiv in Ganga so that Ganga can adjust to Rajiv, because here two religions and two continents collide. Each must learn to understand each other's customs, and so Arjun has his hands full mediating between the two.

The two find each other very sympathetic and so it happens that Rajiv and Ganga are engaged, and Ganga then goes to America with him with bright eyes and dreams in rainbow colors in their hearts. In the meantime she has not only developed an affection for her future husband Rajiv, but also a deep friendship with Arjun. And when the East (Ganga) and the West (Rajiv) argue, Arjun has the difficult task of getting Rajiv to accept Indian values ​​- and Ganga accept Western customs.

A trip to Las Vegas turns into chaos. Rajiv gets drunk in the hotel bar and then does not go to his room, but to Ganga's room. He tries to “steal” some tenderness from Ganga “in the city of sin”. Since the two are still engaged and not married, Ganga Rajiv implores them to leave them alone that night and to wait for the wedding night. Rajiv, unbridled in his greed, tries to rape Ganga. In a duel, Ganga smashes a whiskey bottle over Rajiv's head. When Rajiv collapses unconscious, Ganga leaves the hotel in a hurry and wants to flee to her parents.

Arjun finds out and intercepts Ganga at the train station. He finds her crying and with her clothes torn. Ganga tells Arjun the story from Las Vegas and that Rajiv tried to rape her. He vows to protect Ganga and to bring her to India and Ganga's parents overnight. Once there, there is a heated argument with Ganga's father, Suraj Dev, who misunderstands the situation and thinks that Arjun stained Ganga's honor and brought shame to his house. He tries to attack or kill Arjun with a saber. Arjun can dodge skillfully. Suraj Dev still distrusts his daughter Ganga and doesn't believe in Arjun's incantations either, so Suraj Dev unceremoniously locks his daughter in the stable. Nobody, neither Arjun nor Suraj Dev's family can calm Ganga's father and so Arjun leaves the house. As a sign of Ganga's immaculateness, Arjun grabs the blade of the saber that Ganga's father still holds in his hand and runs his closed hand from the shaft to the point of the sword. He injured the inside of his hand and left his blood on the saber. Ganga's father is rigid and perplexed by this gesture. Arjun uses this moment to leave home and vows to leave India in the morning.

Ganga, who is still locked in the stable, realizes in this second that she loves Arjun. Arjun has long confessed his love to Ganga when Ganga accused Arjun of lying to her and hiding that Rajiv is neither a drinker nor a smoker, nor that he has countless relationships with women and that he still had a close relationship with his ex-girlfriend and Ganga is just the figurehead for Rajiv and his class.

Kusum, beside himself with anger, takes the next plane and flies to India. In the meantime, Rajiv comes to India with a few friends to bring his "beloved" Ganga back to America. Although he sees Ganga only as an object, as a status symbol for his position in the aristocratic class and does not love him, he does everything in his power to find Ganga. He then finds Ganga crying in Arjun's arms, in a stadium-like structure. An argument ensues in which Arjun is severely beaten by Rajiv with the help of Rajiv's fine companions.

Kusum, who is now also looking for Ganga and Arjun, happens to join this incident. Kusum first confronts Arjun about why he fled to India with Ganga. Arjun protests his innocence and further confesses to Kusum his great love for Ganga. Kusum keeps him silent and expels him. He renounces Arjun as foster father. Arjun leaves the stadium-like structure in silence. Encouraged, Ganga also protests her and Arjun's innocence and so confirms Arjun's testimony and then confesses, Kusum, that Rajiv wanted to beat and rape Ganga in Las Vegas. Ganga also showed Kusum the many bite marks and injuries that Rajiv had inflicted on Ganga. This immediately opened Kusum's eyes and he immediately casts off his biological son Rajiv. At that moment he decides that not Rajiv but Arjun Ganga should marry. The Suraj Dev, Ganga's father, who has also arrived at this place with his family, happily agrees.

Arjun, who had sworn to leave India again because Kusum falsely insulted and rejected him, is about to say goodbye to some children from the village when Kusum arrives and asks Arjun for forgiveness. He asks Arjun Ganga to marry, which the two of them do with full conviction and with a good heart.

In the end credits of the film you can see a short shot of their life together.


Pardes became a hit in India and overseas. During the 1990s it was a trend for European men to seek young, beautiful Indian girls in India to marry. This custom has been quite common in India for a long time, but it was this film that brought to light the culture shock and difficulties that clash in such cases.


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Music for the film

  1. Meri Mehbooba - Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik
  2. Do Dil Mil Rahe Hai Magar Chupke Chupke - Kumar Sanu
  3. Diwana Dil - Sonu Nigam , Shankar Mahadevan and Hema Sardesi
  4. I Love India - Harihar
  5. Nahi Hona Tha - Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan and Hema Sardesi
  6. Jahan Piya Wahan - Shankar Mahadevan and Chitra
  7. My First Day in America - Hema Sardesi

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