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Mine hunting boat Passau
The mine-hunting boat Passau in northern Minch during the NATO maneuver JOINT WARRIOR 2012.
General information
Class: Mine hunting boat class 333 ( Kulmbach class )
Optical call sign: M 1096
International callsign: DRFJ
Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen , Lemwerder i. O.
Build number: 6418
Baptism: March 13, 1990
Commissioning: 18th December 1990
Decommissioning: September 27, 2013
Whereabouts: currently Naval Arsenal Kiel
Technical information
Hull: Amagnetic steel
Length over all: 54.27 m
Width: 9.21 m
Draft: 3.04 m
Measurement size (GT): 635 t
Top speed: 18 kn
Anchor: 2 Bruce anchors, each 250 kg and 150 m anchor chain
Shafts / propellers: 2 controllable pitch propellers , each 1900 mm diameter
Drive: 2 × MTU 16V396 TB 84, 2040 kW each
Electricity generation: 3 × MWM TBD 601-6S, each 288 kW
Further data: see Kulmbach class

The Passau was a mine-hunting boat of the German Navy . After the renovation in 1999/2000, it belonged to the minehunting boats of the Kulmbach class , had a crew of 43 soldiers and was last under the 3rd minesweeping squadron (Großverband Einsatzflottille 1 ) with home port in Kiel . The Passau was decommissioned on September 27, 2013.


The Passau was built on March 13, 1990 in the Abeking & Rasmussen shipyard , Lemwerder i. O. by Gertraud Hösl, the wife of the then mayor Passauer Hans Hösl , baptized . The commissioning of the boat took place on December 18, 1990 at the Olpenitz naval base as one of ten "Fast minesweepers" of the " Hameln class " (class SM343).

In 1999 and 2000 the Passau was converted into a minehunter of the " Kulmbach class " (class MJ333). On September 27, 2013, she was decommissioned in the Kiel Naval Arsenal.

In the course of her driving time, the Passau took part in numerous missions with the permanent anti-mine associations of NATO SNMCMG1 and SNMCMG2 (formerly: MCMFORNORTH and MCMFORSOUTH) and was deployed abroad at UNIFIL from October 2011 to March 2012 . In December 2012, shortly before the German Navy was taken out of service, the crew was able to find the wreck of the Norwegian helicopter LN-OMY that crashed into the water on December 5, 2012 in Neustadt Bay.

Sponsorship with the city of Passau

Passauer Wolf at the signal mast

There was a sponsorship between the crew of the boat and the city of Passau during the active service time of the boat. Annual mutual visits by delegations in the city and on board created a bond between the crew and the name-giving sponsored city. The Passau Marine Comradeship supported these activities through the commitment of its members. Visitors to the city of Passau can view numerous objects in the town hall there that were presented by the Passau crew during visits as part of the sponsorship . For example, there is a board with the signs of all the commanders of the Passau , a sailor shirt from Kiel and a UNIFIL mission flag. With the decommissioning of the mine-hunting boat Passau and the return of the sponsorship certificate, the sponsorship formally ended. Efforts to transfer the sponsorship to another military unit were not pursued further due to the lack of a name reference.

coat of arms

Mine hunting boat Passau Wappen Haifisch.jpg

The coat of arms of Passau is the “Passau Shark” known under this name, a gray reef shark that holds a mine vessel hanging from a torn anchor rope in its snout.


The date given is when the command was taken over:

  • December 18, 1990 Thomas Bläß (commissioning)
  • December 18, 1993 Michael Worms
  • September 26, 1995 Thomas Haase
  • March 26, 1998 Ralf Schnittka
  • June 29, 2000 Jens-Uwe Kudlik
  • September 26, 2002 Martin Schwarz
  • September 17, 2004 Tobias Voss
  • September 22, 2006 Leif Albers
  • July 12, 2007 Kim-Oliver Schneidewind
  • May 27, 2010 Bastian Fischborn (retirement on September 27, 2013)

Countries and ports visited

Throughout her time driving the minehunter visited Passau 26 different countries and 87 different ports. In about 23 years she covered 205,815.19 nautical miles, which corresponds to about nine and a half times around the world. The northernmost port visited was Harstad ( Norway ), the easternmost Beirut ( Lebanon ), the westernmost and southernmost Mindelo ( Cape Verde ).


When it was decommissioned on September 27, 2013, the minehunter Passau was handed over to the Naval Arsenal, Arsenalbetrieb Kiel. Since then it has been lying there at berth MG and can be clearly seen from the fjord on the south side of the Arsenal harbor. The hull number M1096 was painted over and the boat was marked with the inscription Ex Passau. It is unclear whether the boat should be scrapped or sold. Although the Passau city councilor Silke Werts surprised the City of Passau's culture committee in June 2012 with the unusual idea that the city could buy the boat and put it on a pier in the city of Passau, this idea was not pursued any further.

Traditional objects

Name plate and city arms

When it was decommissioned, the mayor of Passau was given a bow coat of arms of the 3rd minesweeping squadron , a nameplate of the boat and a city coat of arms attached to the bridge wing , the sponsorship certificate and the ship's bell. These objects have been exhibited by the city of Passau in the town hall since then. The Naval Comradeship Passau also received a bow coat of arms of the 3rd Minesweeping Squadron, a Passau city coat of arms and the flag set of the international call sign DRFJ. The 3rd minesweeping squadron received another nameplate for the boat from the wing of the bridge. Numerous memorabilia, coats of arms and pictures, with which crews of naval units decorate their chambers, decks and messes, are now in the Passau-Klause. This is what a soldier who belonged to the last occupation of Passau called the hut of his allotment garden in the allotment gardening association-Kiel-Holtenau, where former crew members meet at irregular intervals.


Coastal minesweeper M-1255 Passau

There was already a mine defense unit with the same name in the German Navy , the coast minesweeper M-1255 Passau of the Vegesack class (class 321). It was put into service on October 15, 1960 and already decommissioned on July 12, 1963, in the meantime cocooned and given to Turkey in 1975, where it has been operating since then as the M525 Kemer.

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  1. The technical term (in) cocooning used in the navy includes the preservation and (airtight) sealing of a device or even an entire ship. In shipping, a ship that has been taken out of service is called a trailer . Colloquially, this process is also called "mothballing".


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