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Peggy Parnass, 2009

Ruth Peggy Sophie Parnass (born October 11, 1927 in Hamburg ) is a German-Swedish actress , columnist , court reporter and author . She lives in Hamburg.

life and work

Her father Simon Pudl Parnass and her mother Hertha Parnass geb. Emanuel were murdered by the National Socialists in the Treblinka extermination camp .

In 1939 Parnassus was brought to Stockholm as a child with her four-year-old brother Gady on a Kindertransport . During the next six years she lived with twelve different foster families. Shortly before the end of the war, the children came to live with an uncle in London , who was the only one in the family who had survived by escaping. There she lived for three years with her brother, who later became English, while Peggy went back to Sweden and took Swedish citizenship. There she gave birth to her son Kim in 1951 , who worked as an actor at a young age.

Parnassus studied in Stockholm, London, Hamburg and Paris . Since she was 14, she earned a living from her language skills as a language teacher, film critic , columnist and interpreter for the criminal investigation department. She worked as an actress in film and television and translated fairy tales. She wrote 17 years court reports for the monthly magazine concretely . She is still politically active, gives readings from her books, sings in theaters in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg, works for radio and television ( SFB portrait, interviews, discussions). Peggy Parnass is an icon of the gay movement.





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