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Pony girl in front of a wagon: pet play at Folsom Parade 2005

Under Petplay (Engl. Pet = (domestic) animals, play = game), Animal Play (Engl. Animal = animal) or Zoomimik meant a erotic role-playing game , in which at least one partner, the role of an animal. Usually, petplay is counted among the sexual practices of BDSM . Classic elements of BDSM, for example power imbalances, submission, sexually stimulating humiliation and sadomasochistic practices can be part of the game. These role-plays generally take place between mutually agreed partners (see SSC ). Sexual contact with real animals, which is known as sodomy or zoophilia , is not part of pet play . This does not include the so-called furries , in which anthropomorphic animals are the focus, but not necessarily in a sexual context.

Sexual animal role play - petplay

Exercise and dissemination

For many pet players, role-playing is only an addition to their other practices from the BDSM area and, like many areas of BDSM, is primarily discussed via the Internet. There are some communities especially for this type of game, but also several general BDSM forums and communities have areas or offers for pet players. In recent years there have been occasional round tables in German-speaking countries only for pet players, in other countries there are also. This practice is mainly carried out in areas protected from the public, for example at home or in special rentable rooms suitable for pet players (stables, open spaces). Dominas also offer the option of pet play in their studios, depending on their orientation.

By the frequent association with other varieties of BDSM is the Petplay overall a well-known and widely accepted variety within the BDSM scene while certain variants, especially the slaughter fantasies from the Pigplay (Engl. Pig = pig) usually also within the scene incomprehension and encounter severe criticism. It is also pointed out within the scene that life relationships that are subject to the role models of pet play should be carefully observed for signs of a destructive relationship.

In addition to changing roles from person to animal, it is possible for the role player to adopt a gender other than his or her biological gender during the game (cf. gender play ); although no role changes towards the opposite sex are described, there is a self-description of the pet player in the erotic literature as a neutral "it" that cannot be assigned to a gender. To accept within the animal role to another age (see. Ageplay ) is common, especially the role of the puppies (Engl. Puppy Play ) is so common that this term is often synonymous with Dogplay (ger .: Dog is used = dog).


Collar: an important symbol in pet play and BDSM

In addition to the desire for a power imbalance within the sexual relationship with the partner (see D / s ), petplay for the submissive partner (bottom) is often about being able to discard human behavior for a limited time in order to act out new and different behaviors For example, obeying the dominant teammate (top) and having to do without language. Devote pet players occasionally describe that they choose their role according to the characteristics attributed to the respective animal, for example loyalty of the dog, docility of the pony. etc. and choose an animal whose character suits them best. The animal role itself is usually the passive, controlled role; the active counterpart usually takes on the decisive and controlling role. While in animal role responsibility can largely be issued for the behavior at the top, it is possible that the top his own satisfaction, besides the control of his counterpart also from the influence behavior, such as on the " Dressage relates his partner."


Animal role plays, in which accepting the role itself is the goal and motivation of the player, are also called zoomimik. The zoomimic varieties do not include those varieties in which the power structure between the partners involved is perceived as essential. For zoomimik, the most complete possible adaptation to the role is essential (for example hooves, fur or ears), while this is not as essential for the experience with pet players, who are this role-play and the power structure or the humiliation lived out in the game as the sexual element the animal role is. The sex researcher Magnus Hirschfeld described both forms as "zoomimic masochism". As a generic term for these forms, the term zoomorphy is occasionally used in the literature , which generally describes the desire to transform into an animal or to behave like one.

Role models in pet play

Models for the animal role are generally domesticated animals, the so-called domestic and farm animals . This animal role is assumed by the bottom and an attempt is made to imitate the behavior patterns typical for the animal being played. On the dominant side, the opponent is the person whose role is taken by the top. The cross-role designation for the top in this case is the owner , the bottom is referred to as the pet . In the individual role-playing games, the appropriate pair of terms is usually used, for example the bottom in pony play is called a pony, the owner of a pony rider. However, there are also pet varieties without a significant power imbalance, for example in pet-pet relationships or when pet-owner relationships have a kind of partnership-based pet relationship. In addition to dressage and sporting activities, part of many pet play role-playing games are " animal breeding ", insemination and removal , control of orgasm , masturbation and all other sexual activities of the pet by the owner. Popular utensils for all variants of pet play are therefore chastity belts and penis cages . It is quite possible that no sexual acts take place within the role play, but that the game is only perceived as stimulating or performed as foreplay.

Pony / horse

Ponygirl with head harness (harness)

The pony play ( Equus eroticus , love horse ) is probably the most common symbol for pet play in the BDSM scene and is also one of the best-known types of play outside of the scene. The bottom takes on the role of a horse or a pony . A distinction is occasionally made between dressage ponies, riding animals and workhorses ( beast of burden ), each of which has tasks corresponding to its role and is trained by its owner (trainer, rider) to fulfill their tasks. In some cases, very elaborate harnesses , carts ( sulky ) and other work equipment are made and also used outdoors in environments mostly protected from the public. Typically riding crop , whip and bit gag ( snaffle-like gag) are symbols of the pony's submission to the will of its owner.


Couple with a dog mask and dog tag at Cologne Pride 2015

In Dogplay (Engl. Dog = dog) are typical elements of dog ownership and education imitated ( retrieving , walk on a leash, from the bowl to eat, etc.). This type of game is easy to implement, as few and relatively inexpensive utensils are used, and accordingly also known. Some symbolic elements of dog play are also used in non-animal role-related BDSM, for example, wearing a collar or leash occurs in several BDSM practices independently of pet play.

An essential point of "dog play" is the loyalty of the "doggy" to its owner (owner). If an owner has decided on a dog ("doggy") (usually after a trial period), the dog follows its owner unconditionally until the dog is released again. For the period of "possession", a dog is provided with a dog tag ("doggy tag") in addition to the collar (leather cord / chain). Similar to a military identification tag, the essential points (name of the dog / name of the owner and additional information) for dog play are noted on it; this also shows other people that this dog is already taken.

Pig / cow

The two classic representatives of the farm animals pigs and cows also appear in pet play. Both roles are playfully implemented according to their real use for humans: the pig is fattened, used for breeding, in some cases also led to the pretend slaughter, while in the role play with the cow, the focus is more on erotic lactation .

Other animals

In addition to the easily trainable or useful pets, other pets also appear in pet play. For example, the cat is mentioned more often as a role model, because of its own independence and independence from humans, this role is not easy to implement within the concept of dominance and submission, especially for the top. Goats and sheep are occasionally mentioned as a role, but any other animal is also possible. Occasionally, fantasies with wild animals are described in the erotic literature , but these are then mostly captured and domesticated in order to enable interaction with the dominant partner in his role as animal owner.

Art and literature

Pet play, particularly pony play, occupies a prominent place in both erotic and fictional BDSM literature and in the BDSM-related performing arts. One of the earliest known works of erotic dogplay is the book The Wonderful Dog, translated from Polish by Cosmo Pierio Bohemo in 1733 . Even earlier is the description of pony play practices in the Historia Augusta , where these are described as sexual excesses of the emperor Elagabal in the third century. However, recent research has shown that these are more the literary fantasies of an unknown author from the turn of the 4th to the 5th century.

The Batman comics by Bob Kane , which appeared from 1939 onwards, together with Catwoman and other characters, represent examples of zoomimik in general, whereby the relationship between Batman and Catwoman always has a sexual appeal. Anne Rice has dealt literarily with pony play under the pseudonym Anne N. Roquelaure in the stories The Sleeping Beauty Novels , in particular in Sleeping Beauty's Redemption . John Willie and Eric Kroll in particular used their pictures to spread pony play to a larger audience in Bizarre magazine . Marie Darrieussecq processes the fantasy world of pigplay in the book Schweinerei .

In addition to a number of comics and erotic photographs, Sardax, Eneg and Badia, illustrators from the BDSM scene, have been drawing on pet play. In Japanese hentai , the fantasy of zoomimik and anthropomorphology is also extended to mythical creatures , frequent motifs here are beings with tentacles or dragon-like creatures, while draftsmen like Asaji Muroi tend to deal with the classic variant of dogplay.

The German Marterpfahlverlag publishes the books Sugar and Whip for Barbara and The Last Schliff - the boarding school in the vines by Hans-Peter Lepper on the subject of pony play. The e-book novel Bärenmädchen , published by Giadas Erotic Stories in 2012 , also deals with the subject of pony play.

Petplay on TV, film and other media

One of the earliest films to feature petplay is Gwendoline ( The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak ). The film, directed in 1984 by Just Jaeckin, shows, among other things, a chariot race with human ponies in Ben Hur style . In addition to pornographic films, for example from the series "Alex D." and other films from the BDSM genre such as the 1997 film Preaching to the Perverted or the documentary "Pup" by Antonia Kao, Petplay also appears in mainstream productions.

In the episode "Fühlt wie du" from the crime series Kottan , hints of pet play are made, whereby non-consensual sadism plays an essential role, and in the 1992 comedy Boomerang , Grace Jones controls a Roman chariot pulled by six ponyboys. In 1992 Tim Burton's sequel to Batman , Batman Returns, appeared in which Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman and Danny DeVito as the penguin. Also in the music videos by Dr. Bombay ( "SOS, The Tiger Took My Family" ) and the New Radicals ( "You get what you give" ) dealt with pet play topics. The film Secretary (2002) also depicts scenes of a BDSM relationship that contains elements of petplay.

Madonna added elements of BDSM to her stage show on her Confessions Tour in 2006, including men dressed as ponyboys and whips as props .


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