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Ponthieu ( Latin pagus pontivus , Flemish : Ponteland ) is the name of an old French county. Their capital was Abbeville , their strongest fortress was Montreuil .

Map of the county of Ponthieu

Today Ponthieu is a Pays , a kind of voluntary planning region without the quality of an independent regional body within the meaning of the law of February 4, 1995 or in the sense of the subsequent regulation in the Loi Pasqua (LOADDT) of June 25, 1999. The area is pretty much between the Somme and the Authie and is bounded to the west by the Marquenterre . Ponthieu includes the cantons of Crécy-en-Ponthieu , Nouvion-en-Ponthieu and Ailly-le-Haut-Clocher .


Ponthieu was a Frankish county that is attested as early as the 7th century. At the beginning of the 9th century it was owned by Angilbert , Charlemagne's son-in-law .

Count Arnulf I of Flanders managed to expand his dominion significantly by conquering large parts of Artois , Ponthieu, Amiens and Ostrevant . He took advantage of the internal French disputes between Charles the Simple and Robert I, as well as later those between Ludwig IV and his barons. After his death in 964, these areas were lost again until his successor Arnulf II came of age (976).

The county then remained in the Carolingian count family until 1100. In that year it went by marriage to Robert of Bellême, 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury , Count of Alençon . Abbeville became the capital of Ponthieu around 1130.

In 1221 Ponthieu came back through marriage to Simon von Dammartin , from whom the French King Louis VIII took it for some time in 1228, then to Simon's daughter Johanna (Jeanne), who in 1237 was King Ferdinand III. of Castile married. Their daughter, Eleanor of Castile , married the later English King Edward I in 1254 , who thus came into the possession of Ponthieu. The land also remained in the possession of Edward II and Edward III .

King Philip VI of France seized Ponthieus in 1337 with the beginning of the Hundred Years War and gave it to Jacob of Bourbon , Count of La Marche . Edward III. took the county back into English possession after the Battle of Crécy , which took place in Ponthieu in 1346. 1367 came Ponthieu in the possession of the French king Charles V . In 1417 it was conquered again by the English; Henry VI. gave it to the Duke of Burgundy in 1437 . After the death of Charles the Bold in 1477, Ludwig XI. Ponthieu finally in itself.

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