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Radio Tonkuhle
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Radio station ( non-commercial radio station )
Program type Regional broadcasters
reception analog terrestrial , cable , live stream
Reception area Greater Hildesheim
Start of transmission August 15, 2004
owner Radio Tonkuhle e. V.
Range 155,000
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Board with the logo and other information from Radio Tonkuhle in the Andreaspassage in Hildesheim

Radio Tonkuhle is a non-commercial , open-access, local citizen broadcaster that broadcasts on 105.3  MHz from Steinberg in Hildesheim and is fed into the cable network at 97.85 MHz . It is mainly financed by the Lower Saxony State Media Authority (NLM). According to a range survey carried out by TNS Emnid on behalf of the State Media Authority in 2006, Tonkuhle is one of the most successful citizens of Lower Saxony with a broadest audience of 27.4 percent and a level of awareness of 93.9 percent in the broadcast area.


The magazine broadcasts report on regional events with news , reports and interviews . Local information on politics , sport , schoolchildren and students , about the church , the child protection association , the German Red Cross and also recipes have their own broadcast slots. A number of music programs are devoted to styles beyond the charts .

The morning magazine at Radio Tonkuhle is organized by permanent employees. Many groups and genres of music that are underrepresented on other radio stations have their own broadcast slots , for example the only German radio program for Sinti called Latscho Dibes is broadcast on Radio Tonkuhle .

There is about twelve hours of moderated program every day, the rest of the time there is only music. The music in the automated program is very diverse, but tends to get faster and "harder" as the day progresses.

On weekdays from 7:30 p.m. there is a music program formatted by category:

  • Monday: Alternative rock to metal
  • Tuesday: world music to global beats
  • Wednesday: indie to electro
  • Thursday: Reggae to Drum and Bass and student radio
  • Friday: ambient to techno

Transmission area

Radio Tonkuhle is broadcast by two transmitting antennas on the radio mast on the Steinberg in Hildesheim on the frequency 105.3  MHz and can be used in the city of Hildesheim and to Sarstedt , Lehrte , Peine , Holle and Bad Salzdetfurth well, with a high or good receiving antenna also up to Hanover , Wendeburg , Salzgitter and Bockenem are received. It can be received in the cable network in Hildesheim, Elze , Alfeld and Bockenem on 97.85 MHz. The program can be received as a live stream on the station's homepage .


In the 1990s, Hildesheim was initially disregarded when the State Broadcasting Act provided for local radio in model tests . In 1999, the University of Hildesheim wanted to have a university radio , and a one-hour magazine program was produced on CD as part of the cultural education course .

As part of the world exhibition Expo 2000, an event radio broadcast in the YouthCamp 2000 at Hildesheimer Hohnsensee for six weeks. It was named after the bathing lake near the university, a former clay pit , Radio Tonkuhle. After that there was a university radio with several hours of live programs per week that could only be heard on the Internet. The program Druckausgleich , which is considered to be the oldest broadcast on Radio Tonkuhle that still exists, could also be heard .

With the association Radio Tonkuhle - supporting association of non-commercial local radio in Hildesheim e. V. received the 15th civic radio license from the state of Lower Saxony in November 2003 and went on the air on August 15, 2004.

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Coordinates: 52 ° 9 ′ 2.6 ″  N , 9 ° 56 ′ 53.8 ″  E