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General information
Genre (s) Hardcore punk , post-hardcore
founding 1992, 2012, 2014
resolution 1998, 2012
Current occupation
Dennis Lyxzén
David Sandstrom
Kristofer Steen (since 1994)
Magnus flag (formerly Björklund) (1992–1995, since 2012)
former members
Henrik Jansson (1992)
Pär Hansson (1992–1994)
Jon Brannström (1995-2014)
Jonas Lindgren (1992)
Magnus Höggren (1996–1997)
Ulf Nyberg (1997-1998)
Dennis Lyxzén during an appearance with Refused (2012)
Dennis Lyxzén during an appearance with Refused (2012)
Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent
  SE 30th 02/23/1996 (3 weeks)
The Shape of Punk to Come
  SE 30th 02/20/1998 (5 weeks)
  SE 2 07/03/2015 (2 weeks)
  DE 37 07/03/2015 (1 week)
  AT 54 07/10/2015 (1 week)
  US 161 07/18/2015 (1 week)
Was music
  SE 26th 10/25/2019 (1 week)
  DE 40 10/25/2019 (1 week)
Rather Be Dead
  SE 34 11/29/1996 (4 weeks)
New noise
  SE 44 04/17/1998 (2 weeks)

Refused is a Swedish hardcore punk - band which the band in January 1992 Step Forward was created. Dennis Lyxzén and David Sandström were the founders of Refused , which were heavily oriented towards hardcore punk bands like Gorilla Biscuits , but always with a metal influence . Her first appearance consisted of two original compositions as well as an AC / DC and four gorilla biscuit covers. The band broke up on October 6, 1998 after one last concert for the time being. On January 9, 2012, Refused announced their reunion. After giving a total of 84 concerts in Europe, North America and Australia in 2012, the band was quiet again before a new studio album, Freedom , was released in 2015 . Since then, the band has been sporadically active and released another album with War Music in 2019.


The first demo contained six tracks with personal texts and a cover version of the AC / DC classic Back in Black . After the second demo Operation Headfirst , on which socially critical texts found their way, they got a contract with the young Swedish punk label Burning Heart Records . Her first EP This Is the New Deal was released here . Their first full album This Just Might Be… the Truth was released in 1994 on the Startrack label. With this album and the two following EPs, they were able to harvest their first successes and aroused the attention of hardcore circles all over Europe . Refused were, contrary to reports, a straight-edge band , even if only in the beginning, noticeable on the album This Just Might Be ... the Truth . In the course of time, however, the band concentrated more and more on criticism of society and capitalism and developed into a musical mouthpiece for the radical left.

The Everlasting EP booklet was the first to contain a manifesto written by singer Dennis , in which the motives and political ideas of the band were explained in more detail. After touring the US, they released their second album, Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent , in 1996 , which gave the band an even greater success and a video for Rather Be Dead . Refused were now seen as the new hope of hardcore and were celebrated frenetically. At the same time as the album was released, a 36-page fanzine called The Handbook for Revolutionaries was published , which contained the text for each song on the LP with further explanations and essays on the band's history, veganism / vegetarianism, homosexuality, politics and religion, etc. Extensive concert tours through Europe followed. In 1998 the EP The New Noise Theology was released , shortly afterwards the album The Shape of Punk to Come was released. With a mix of hardcore, metal, punk, classical and jazz, the quartet set new standards and became absolute media favorites. The video for New Noise ran on MTV in the heavy rotation and became a summer hit '98. While Refused gained enormous popularity with this album, it was the preliminary beginning of the end of the band.


At that time, the band got the impression that their political goals were not understood by the media and considered unimportant. The focus was on the hype . The actual goal of presenting their “Revolutionary Program” to the broad masses in the wake of their popularity had failed. The DVD about Refused's last tour, released in April 2006, shifts our view of the end of the group a little. Mainly personal reasons (the second guitarist Jon wants to quit) and the lack of "big bang" after the release of The Shape of Punk to Come are blamed for the end. What is certain is that the band decided to break up during the 1998 US tour; she gave her last concert on October 6th in Harrisonburg , Virginia . Dennis Lyxzén is now behind the microphone for The (International) Noise Conspiracy as well as for hardcore band AC4 (with David Sandström) and his solo project Invasionen (formerly The Lost Patrol Band ).


On January 10th, 2012 Refused were announced as one of the bands at the Coachella Festival in the US and the Way Out West Festival in Sweden. Refused also played at many major European festivals in 2012, including a. the Groezrock -Festival in Meerhout, Belgium and as headliner at the Monster-Bash-Festival in Berlin.

On October 29, 2012, the band announced their renewed breakup. Refused played a total of 84 concerts in Europe, North America and Australia in 2012. The tour, which should pay homage to the last refused album The Shape of Punk to Come , ended with a last concert on December 15th, 2012 in Umeå , Sweden , the hometown of the band members.

In November 2014, guitarist Jon Brännström announced that he had been fired from the band, which fueled speculation that the end of the reunion tour in 2012 would not, as initially assumed, result in the band breaking up again. On April 27, 2015, Refused released Elektra, the first new song since their breakup in 1998, and announced the first studio album in 17 years. Her new album Freedom was released on June 26, 2015.

In 2019 the band announced that they had recorded music for the yet to be released video game Cyberpunk 2077 . With War Music , another studio album was released, which, unlike its two predecessors, is less experimental and can instead be assigned to conventional hardcore punk.

Side projects

Between 1994 and 1997 Dennis Lyxzén and David Sandström had the hardcore band Final Exit as a side project .



  • 1992: Refused
  • 1992: Operation Headfirst


  • 1994: This Just Might Be ... the Truth
  • 1996: Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent
  • 1998: The Shape of Punk to Come
  • 2015: Freedom
  • 2019: War Music


  • 1993: This Is the New Deal
  • 1994: Pump the Brakes
  • 1995: Everlasting
  • 1995: Refused Loves Randy (split with Randy )
  • 1996: Rather Be Dead
  • 1998: The New Noise Theology
  • 2016: Servants of Death ( Record Store Day )


  • 1997: The Demo Compilation
  • 1997: The EP Compilation
  • 2004: The EP Compilation - Re-issue (with new tracklist)

Video albums

  • 2006: Refused Are Fucking Dead

The DVD contains a documentation of the band up to the time of their breakup, live recordings of many songs from The Shape of Punk to Come and the two music videos Rather be Dead and New Noise .

Use in movies

The song New Noise was used in the opening sequence of the action film Crank , in an episode of the first season of 24 , in the comedy Jalla Jalla , and in the youth drama Boot Camp .

Use in games

The song New Noise was also included in the 2010 PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game Backbreaker, as well as on the 2004 soundtrack for Tony Hawk's Underground.

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