Robert I (Normandy)

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Statue in the Falaise market square

Robert I , called "the Great" ( French : le Magnifique ), (* between 1002 and 1010; † July 22, 1035 in Nicaea , Byzantine Empire ) was Duke of Normandy from 1027 to 1035 and father of William the Conqueror , the 1066 became king of England and founded the Norman dynasty there, which was to end with Wilhelm's sons.


Robert came from the Rollonid dynasty and was a son of Richard II , called the Good, Duke of Normandy (996-1026) and Judith of Bretagne (* 982, † 1017).


After the death of his brother Richard III. , who ruled from 1026 to 1027 as the 3rd Duke of Normandy, succeeded him in 1027 as the 4th Duke Robert. He stood by the French King Henry I when he defended his throne against his brother and mother . For this Robert received the area of ​​the Vexin .

He also got involved in Flanders politics, founded monasteries and supported King Edward of England , to whom he later even granted temporary asylum.

In 1035 he made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem . He died on the way in Nicaea.

Marriage and offspring

Robert was married to Princess Estrid of Denmark . The marriage remained childless.

The following children emerged from the Friedelehe with the tanner's daughter Herleva :

Herleva and her family gained reputation and wealth through their association with Robert. Shortly after the birth of the second child, she was married to Robert's friend and feudal husband, Count Herluin von Conteville , in 1031 .

After Robert's death in 1035, his son took over the succession to the throne as Wilhelm II and with it the reign of Normandy. William was to end Anglo-Saxon rule in England in 1066 and become the island's first Norman king.


To get rid of the curse that he was consecrated to the devil before he was born , a holy hermit suggested that Robert take a vow of silence and accept his food from a dog. In the course of his life Robert acquired the nicknames Robert the Magnificent and Robert the Devil .

Some motifs from the legend included in the 1831 opera premiered le diable Robert of Giacomo Meyerbeer one.

Robert Le Diable castle is attributed to Robert .

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