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Robert III of Flanders , called Robert von Dampierre (after his fatherly ancestors) or Robert von Béthune (after a fiefdom of his mother) (* 1249 - September 1, 1322 in Ypres ) was Count of Flanders 1305-1322. He was the son of Guido von Dampierre and Mathilde (Mahaut) von Béthune .

In view of the invasion of the county of Flanders from 1297 to 1300, based on hereditary claims by the French king Philip IV , he defended Flanders, but was captured and was then held by Philip for five years (1300-1305) in Chinon . He was only released on the basis of the Treaty of Athis-sur-Orge and immediately assumed power in Flanders after his father, who had died shortly before. The treaty regulated the Transport de Flandre , that is, the transfer of the sovereignty of southern Flanders ( Lille , Douai and Orchies ) and raised an immense ransom . In the quandary between the anger of his subjects, who had long fought for the independence of their country, and the Machiavellian behavior of the French king, he had no easy tactics. As a good feudal lord, however , he vowed loyalty to vassals , and accepted the financial obligations and harassment towards the Flemish. During the peacetime period (1309-1312 and from 1317) it promoted - like its predecessors - the economy and trade. The dispute with his son Ludwig I von Nevers ended in 1322, just before they both died, with a reconciliation.


From his first marriage, which Robert concluded in 1266 with Blanche von Anjou (* 1250 , † 1269 ), daughter of Karl von Anjou , King of Sicily , and Beatrix of Provence , he had the son Karl (1266-1277), Isabella von Burgundy was promised but died at a young age.

In 1272 he married Jolanthe of Burgundy († 1280 ), Countess of Nevers 1265-1280; with her he had the following children:

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