Southern Ferghana Canal

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Southern Ferghana Canal
Course of the Southern Ferghana Canal

Course of the Southern Ferghana Canal

location Central Asia
River system Syr Darya
Drain over Altiarik  → Syrdarya  → Aral Sea
Derivation at Xoʻjaobod from the Shahrixonsoy
40 ° 41 '11 "  N , 72 ° 38' 50"  E Coordinates: 40 ° 41 '11 "  N , 72 ° 38' 50"  E
muzzle Altiarik

length 120 km
Big cities Marg'ilon
Medium-sized cities Xoʻjaobod , Marhamat , Oltiariq

The southern Ferghana Canal ( Uzbek Janubiy Fargʻona kanali ) is an irrigation canal in the Ferghana Valley in Central Asia . The canal is 120 km long and flows through Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan .


The Southern Ferghana Canal was built in 1940-1941 after the Great Ferghana Canal together with the Northern Ferghana Canal . As a result of these canal construction, the irrigated area increased significantly and the cotton harvest doubled.


The southern Ferghana Canal is derived from the Shahrixonsoy on the left near the town of Xoʻjaobod , a canal built in 1887, which in turn derives from the Qoradaryo below the dam of the Andijon Dam and flows into the Great Ferghana Canal at Shahrixon . The initial width of the Southern Ferghana Canal is 12 m and it has a flow rate of 85 m³ / s at the beginning . In its course to the west, the canal runs in parts through Kyrgyz national territory. He passes the cities of Marhamat , Marg'ilon and Oltiariq , crosses u. a. the rivers Ak-Buura , Arawansai and Isfayramsoy , from which further water is supplied, and flows from the right into the Altiarik .

The Karkidon Canal branches off from the southern Ferghana Canal with a flow rate of 18 m³ / s, which feeds the Karkidon reservoir .


The Southern Ferghanakanal is for irrigation in agriculture use, especially for the cultivation of cotton . A total of about 758 km² are irrigated, of which 26 km² in Kyrgyzstan in the Osh region, 252 km² in Uzbekistan in the Andijon province and 480 km² in the Fargʻona province .

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