Sam Rivers (bass player)

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Sam Rivers

Sam Rivers (born September 2, 1977 in Jacksonville , Florida ) is an American bassist and founding member of the nu-metal band Limp Bizkit . He is the cousin of John Otto , the band's drummer .

Rivers started playing music while in school. First he played tuba in the school band of the "Arlington Middle School". Over time he became more and more interested in the guitar and decided to switch to this instrument. However, his music teacher advised him to learn bass. Sam followed the advice and played in the "Douglas Anderson School of the Arts" with his cousin John Otto in a jazz band . At that time Sam was working in the fast food store "Chick-fil-A", where he met Fred Durst , with whom the two cousins ​​later formed the band Limp Bizkit . Musically Sam was influenced by bands such as Black Sabbath and Megadeth , among others . In 2000 he was named “Best Rock Bass Player” at the Orville H. Gibson Guitar Awards. Because Limp Bizkit had to do without a guitarist for a long time, Sam himself picked up the guitar for some of the songs on the album "Results May Vary".

Rivers also worked as a producer. While preparing for the Greatest Hitz album, he worked with two local Jacksonville bands called Burn Season and The Embraced .

Since 2001, Rivers has been married to his long-term girlfriend, Kinter Atkins. Due to his alcohol addiction and the resulting illness, Rivers received a new liver transplant in 2017.

Individual evidence

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