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Sangalkam (Senegal)
Coordinates 14 ° 47 ′  N , 17 ° 14 ′  W Coordinates: 14 ° 47 ′  N , 17 ° 14 ′  W
Basic data
Country Senegal


Department Rufisque
height 16 m
Residents 11,916 (2013)
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Sangalkam is a city in the Rufisque department of the Dakar metropolitan area , in the central west of Senegal .

Geographical location

Sangalkam is located in the interior of the Cap-Vert Peninsula . From the city center to the northwest it is about eight kilometers to the Grande-Côte and six and a half kilometers to the touristically important salt lake Lac Rose , which is separated from the Atlantic coast by the coastal dunes . To the southwest it is eight and a half kilometers from Sangalkam to the city center of Rufisque . Sangalkam is surrounded by the villages of the communauté rurale Bambylor . The capital of Senegal, Dakar, is about 26 kilometers southwest of here.


In 1984 the communauté rurale de Sangalkam was created as part of a reorganization of the Cap Vert region . Due to the strong population growth in this originally rural area, it was divided up in 2011. In addition to the city of Jaxaay-Parcelles-Niakoul Rap and the communautés rurales Tivaouane Peulh-Niaga and Bambylor , Sangalkam was created as an urban community and defined within its boundaries. These include the village of Noflaye in the north and the village of Ndiakhirate in the east. Without this division, the communauté rurale de Sangalkam would have had almost 140,000 inhabitants at the 2013 census.


The last censuses showed the following population figures:

year Residents
1988 ...
2002 43,015
2013 11,916


Sangalkam is somewhat off the traffic axes of the Cap-Vert Peninsula, which have to accommodate the west-east traffic between the metropolis of Dakar and the rest of the country. This flows on the national road N 1 , on the toll road 1 and on the Dakar – Niger railway line through the area of ​​the nearby city of Rufisque . Sangalkam itself is on a regional road that, starting from Rufisque, connects the Niayes' villages in the fertile hinterland of the coastal dunes and maintains a distance of four to six kilometers from the coastline of the Grande-Côte to Mboro .

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