Schönstein (knowledge)

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City knowledge
Coordinates: 50 ° 46 ′ 25 ″  N , 7 ° 45 ′ 45 ″  E
Height : 220 m above sea level NHN
Incorporation : 7th June 1969
Postal code : 57537
Area code : 02742
Schönstein (Rhineland-Palatinate)

Location of Schönstein in Rhineland-Palatinate

Schönstein is a district of Wissen in the Altenkirchen (Westerwald) district in Rhineland-Palatinate . The population is around 1000, but is not recorded separately and is included in the von Wissen.


Schönstein is about one and a half kilometers east of the city center of Wissen and can be reached from there via Landstrasse 278. To the east, Betzdorf is about 16 km away, to the south is Selbach , and to the north, finally, birch honey food . The town center is embedded in the delta formed by the Sieg and the Elbbach that flows into it .


The town of Schönstein developed around Schönstein Castle and is likely to be as old as this. Until 1969 Schönstein was an independent municipality and was incorporated into the newly formed city of Wissen as a district with effect from June 7, 1969.

Sights and worth mentioning

Sights in Schönstein include:

  • Schönstein Castle and the surrounding monument zone
  • Catholic Chapel St. Sebastian (also: Heisterkapelle), one of the oldest half-timbered chapels in the country
  • Catholic parish church St. Katharina (belongs to the area of ​​the Archdiocese of Cologne , pastoral district south, district dean of Altenkirchen, pastoral care area Obere Sieg)
  • Schlossmühle am Mühlengraben, a former flour mill ; a partially massive half-timbered building from the 19th century with a single-storey quarry stone extension

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The Heister Chapel

The St. Sebastian chapel, named after the patron saint of the local rifle club St. Sebastianus Schützenbruderschaft 1402 vom Heister zu Schönstein e. V. is derived, is also known as the Heisterkapelle due to its location on the Heister . It is located on a hill on the old connecting path between Schönstein and Wissen. It is the patronage chapel of the Schützenbruderschaft and was built in 1718 by the imperial baron Hermann von Hatzfeld , who also donated the wooden statue of St. John Nepomuk in 1723 . The chapel is one of the oldest and the few remaining half-timbered chapels in Rhineland-Palatinate.

The Fürst-Hatzfeldt-Straße

The longest street in Schönstein is the K 126 district road from the castle in a south-easterly direction up the mountain. It was formerly called Bergstrasse. In the course of the incorporation according to Wissen, where there was already a mountain road, it was renamed Fürst-Hatzfeldt-Straße in order to express the importance of the castle owners (Haus Hatzfeldt - Dönhoff ) for Schönstein and the region. The road runs past the castle and the associated castle park and then continues towards Mittelhof .

Regular events and customs

One of the regular events worth mentioning is the annual rifle festival of the St. Sebastianus Schützenbruderschaft, which also holds its traditional Bästjestag every year in January (this is what it calls the day of its general meeting based on the patron saint).

There is also a Christmas market - also annually - in the run-up to Christmas, on the weekend of the 3rd Advent , in the courtyard of Schönstein Castle.

In Schönstein as a Catholic place, both a Corpus Christi procession and a St. John's procession take place annually. The latter was probably created as a fire procession after a great fire in knowledge, during which the parish church also went up in flames on September 17, 1788. On St. John's Day, many residents put a “St. John's Cross” over their front doors, a wooden cross entwined with boxwood and decorated with flowers, which is supposed to bring good luck and blessings.

Club life

St. Sebastianus Rifle Brotherhood

The Catholic Schützenbruderschaft St. Sebastianus Schützenbruderschaft 1402 vom Heister zu Schoenstein e. V. was founded in 1402, primarily to protect plague sufferers and pilgrims, and is one of the oldest still existing associations in the Westerwald . As before, the focus is not only on shooting, but the term Schützen in the name stands above all for protection. It is true that the brotherhood organizes a local rifle festival every year, which is preceded by a bird shooting (fight for the dignity of the marksman king by shooting a wooden bird). But at least as important is the social function of the association, which brings the residents together, maintains intensive youth work and also fulfills the role of a local association with commitment . Protektor (patron) is traditionally a member of the castle owner's family, currently it is Nicolaus Graf Hatzfeldt-Wildenburg .

Sportfreunde Schönstein 1919 e. V.

The local football club was founded in 1919 and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019. In addition to youth teams, there is a men's team that currently plays in the district league B Westerwald / Sieg 2 (amateurs) of the Rhineland Association . The club has a sports field in Schönstein, and a new clubhouse was built in the immediate vicinity in 2009.

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