Schmidt's cat

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Original title Schmidt's cat
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 2015
length 90 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Marc Schlegel
script Stephanie Töwe-Rimkeit
production Matthias Drescher
Philipp Knauss
music Jasmin Reuter
camera Anselm Hartmann
cut Julia Boehm

Schmidt's Cat is a German comedy film from 2015 with Michael Lott and Christiane Seidel in the leading roles. Directed by Marc Schlegel .


Schmidt's cat is about the reserved and orderly Werner Schmidt, who is looking for a wife after the death of his mother - so far unsuccessfully. There is only one way he can reduce his frustration with women and other annoyances: by setting up arson at night. Nothing is more relaxing than an explosion of a car planned down to the last detail, which he carries out using small remote-controlled cars.

One night he unintentionally injures a woman who is in the burning vehicle. In a panic, Werner takes her home with him: Now he finally has a wife in the house, but one who does not meet his expectations at all. Sibylle really stirs up Werner's life because, to Werner's great surprise, she has no plans to leave his house so quickly, and she also refuses to be taken to the hospital. The reason: She has a lot of trouble on her cheek and is looking for shelter. Soon not only Sibylle's life is in danger, but Werner's too. The real estate mafia is after them and its pyromaniac secret threatens to be exposed. The unequal couple must pull themselves together.

Schmidt's neighbor, work colleague in the hardware store and “friend forever” Uwe founds a vigilante group to catch the arsonist - Schmidt is appointed deputy! In the end, he blames the real estate agent's son-in-law for the arson. He is arrested and Werner and Sybille become a couple.


The film was made in the SWR junior series “Debut in the Third” and was produced by the FFL Film- und Fernsehlabor Ludwigsburg . Schmidt's cat is Marc Schlegel's first feature film.

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