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Original title Scraps!
Scraps!  Title.png
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 2016
length 101 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
JMK n.N.
Director Max count
script Max count
production Andrea Schütte ,
Dirk Decker
music room with view :
Daniel Hoffknecht &
Gary Marlowe
camera Carol Burandt from Kameke
cut Sebastian Thümler ,
Bine Pufal

Scraps! is a tragic comedy by the German director Max Zähle from 2016 . His debut film tells of the struggle of a family of scrap dealers against an overpowering competitor.

The film premiered on January 21, 2016 in the competition of the Max Ophüls Preis film festival , was released in German cinemas on May 5, 2016 and Austrian on 27 of the same month, and was released on DVD on October 21, 2016.


Mirko Talhammer works for a Hamburg insurance company and does crooked business to get his commissions. As a result, however, he owes his company 100,000 euros and his boss gives him an ultimatum.

In this situation, two unwashed, rough men appear in Mirko's chic office, knock him unconscious and kidnap him to a junkyard in the country. It is his father's business, which he left behind years ago and which is now run by his younger brother Letscho.

The father has died and leaves the two of them a company that is about to be bought up by the local junk magnate Kercher. The matter is clear to Mirko: He wants to sell his stake in Kercher and, in return for a large advance payment in cash, agrees to get his brother to sign the purchase agreement as well.

But then Mirko learns that his brother is planning a daring hussar piece that promises high profits. A freight train wagon with 40 tons of copper is said to be stolen in secret. He recognizes his chance to get rid of all debts in one fell swoop, gets involved in the preparation and thanks to his plan the coup succeeds. They use Rotwelschen as a secret language in order to communicate with one another without being disturbed by third parties.

Competitor Kercher quickly found out about the matter and saw his skins floating away. So he gives the brothers the choice of either selling the junkyard to him or going to jail. But they don't give up so easily. According to the family motto “Better to be dead than a slave!” They counterattack and put a big rotten egg in Kercher's nest. Family members steal a bronze sculpture from the city center and smuggle it into Kercher's hall. Kercher is then quickly taken away by the police.

In the end the fight is lost and the family, together with Mirko, optimistically heads for the south.


The music for the film was written by Daniel Hoffknecht and Gary Marlowe and released digitally on April 29, 2016 as a soundtrack album under the title "Schrotten!" By Patenkind Records .

Track list

No. title length
1. Scraps! theme 2:09
2. Better dead than a slave 1:18
3. Fiete's funeral 2:22
4th Once scrap, always scrap 1:32
5. The Heritage 1:23
6th Mistakes (Roxy and the Underground Soul Sound) 2:29
7th Then spat on my hands 1:49
8th. At night in the forest - a plan 2:20
9. The calm before the storm 1:09
10. A train robbery 6:23
11. 40 tons of copper - as ordered 1:38
12. You have two seconds 2:36
13. In the Woods (Kim Harris) 2:42
14th who laughs last 2:00
15th Scraps! final 4:37
Overall length: 36:48


“Schrotten!” Was produced by Tamtam Film GmbH in coproduction with NDR , HR and arte .

Funding came from the Filmförderungsanstalt , the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, the nordmedia Fonds GmbH in Lower Saxony and Bremen, the German Filmförderfonds (DFFF) and Creative Europe MEDIA .


The film was largely positively received in the press and awarded the title “particularly valuable” by the German Film and Media Assessment (FBW) . The FBW press release states that the “classic David versus Goliath story” draws its strength from the fact that it does without smooth and embellished images. With a “panopticon of original types”, the film is “superbly cast”. The performance of Gregorowicz and Lau is particularly emphasized, which the two dissimilar brothers Mirko and Letscho put on with great enthusiasm and "feeling for one another". The laconic dialogues and bizarre situations are right down to the last detail, the soundtrack is successful and the homage to classic genre cinema is always recognizable.

The jury's rationale emphasizes that “scrap!” Steadfastly refuses to “clearly assign drawers”. Although the film lives from the “ dichotomy of city and country”, it draws its comedy primarily from their similarities. Both the “loving equipment” and the “outstanding color concept” receive special mention.

Rudolf Worschech says in epd Film that the director can fill his characters with life and that, which is not a matter of course for German comedies, he can do without rubbish. This makes “Schrotten!” A “fundamentally sympathetic proll comedy”.

Tilmann P. Gangloff praises in the Frankfurter Rundschau that “scraps!” Always causes surprises. The picture design is excellent, the film music with songs specially created for the film is worth listening to.

Oliver Kaever comments critically on Spiegel online that for a film that “preaches not only family togetherness, but also nonconformism”, “scrap!” Is “cross-bred” and thus “too conformist”, the “junk milieu” is “just them A backdrop for nostalgic whispers ”. By December 2016, 38,226 viewers saw the film in German cinemas.

Prizes and awards


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