Simon Heinrich Adolf (Lippe)

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Simon Heinrich Adolf zur Lippe

Count Simon Heinrich Adolf zur Lippe (born January 25, 1694 in Detmold ; † October 12, 1734 ibid) was a sovereign of the County of Lippe .


He was born the son of Count Friedrich Adolf and his wife Johanna Elisabeth von Nassau-Dillenburg . His five siblings died young, and of his seven half-siblings only three sisters reached old age: Amalie Luise (1701–1751), abbess of Stift Cappel in Lippstadt and Stift St. Marien in Lemgo ; Elisabeth Charlotte (1702–1754), Abbess of St. Marien in Lemgo, and Friederike Adolfine (1711–1766), married to Friedrich Alexander Graf zur Lippe-Detmold.


His educational trip - the Grand Tour - took him to the University of Utrecht and the courts of England and France in 1710 under the supervision of the Lippe Lord Chamberlain . In 1715 he took part in the Turkish campaign of Prince Eugene in Hungary and in Belgrade in part and returned via Vienna to Detmold , where he came to the throne in the year 1718th

Simon Heinrich Adolf was known, among other things, that he was in 1720 by Emperor Karl VI. should be raised to the imperial prince status, but this could not be carried out because he could not raise the necessary 4400 Reichstaler. Chronic financial difficulties forced him in 1725 to sell the indebted Dutch lordships Vianen and Ameide and to pledge Sternberg Castle to the Electorate of Braunschweig-Lüneburg in 1733 .

Historians judge that he was in no way inferior to his father in love of splendor. Although he was in constant financial embarrassment, every festival had to be endowed with a waste, as if one had inexhaustible sources of money. This is what the best connoisseur of Lippe history judges after two hundred years.

The verdict of the Lippstadt mayor Möller in 1784, who boasted that he had immediately started to improve the state economy and to repay the high debts, some of which resulted from the Thirty Years' War , and partly through charitable generosity, was quite different through proper upbringing and care for all family members. Not through taxes and oppression of the subjects, but through loans, through the sale of the Dutch rulers in 1725 and the pledging of Sternberg in 1733, he put the entire state economy back in order and introduced wise austerity everywhere. He took great care in the welfare of his country, vigorously promoting religion, customs, justice and the prosperity of all his subjects.


The eldest daughter, Elisabeth Henriette Amalia, abbess of the Cappel monastery and the Lemgo monastery
The youngest daughter, Charlotte Clementine, abbess of the Cappel monastery and the Lemgo monastery

On October 16, 1719 he married Johannette Wilhelmine, daughter of Prince Georg August von Nassau-Idstein . Of their eleven children, four died young and three daughters remained unmarried:

  • Elisabeth Henriette Amalia (born February 10, 1721 in Detmold; † January 19, 1793 in Brake ), abbess of the Cappel Monastery (1751–1793) and the Lemgo Monastery
  • Luise Friederike (born October 3, 1722 in Detmold; † November 3, 1777 in Brake)
  • Karl August (born November 3, 1723 in Detmold; † February 16, 1724 there)
  • Henriette Auguste (born March 26, 1725 in Detmold, † August 5, 1777 in Norburg); ⚭ June 19, 1745 Friedrich von Schleswig-Holstein-Glücksburg (April 1, 1701; † November 11, 1766)
  • Karl Simon Friedrich (born March 31, 1726 in Detmold; † February 18, 1727 there)
  • Simon August , Count zur Lippe-Detmold (born June 12, 1727 in Detmold; † May 1, 1782 ibid)
  • Friedrich Adolf (born August 30, 1728 in Detmold; † August 8, 1729 there)
  • Charlotte Clementine (born November 11, 1730 in Detmold; † May 18, 1804 at Brake Castle), Abbess of Cappel Monastery (1793–1804)
  • Ludwig Heinrich Adolf (* March 7, 1732 in Detmold; † August 31, 1800 in Lemgo)
⚭ 1767 Anna von Hessen-Philippsthal-Barchfeld (* December 14, 1735; † January 7, 1785), daughter of Landgrave Wilhelm
⚭ 1786 Luise zu Isenburg and Büdingen in Philippseich (* December 10, 1764; † September 24, 1844)
  • Georg Emil (born March 12, 1733 in Detmold; † July 8, 1733 there)
  • Wilhelm Albrecht August Ernst (born January 11, 1735 in Detmold; † January 23, 1791 in Brake) ⚭ 1773 Wilhelmine von Trotha (born February 14, 1740; † February 26, 1793)


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