City structure Wolfsburg

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Structure of the city and land use
Structure of the city of Wolfsburg
Structure of the city of Wolfsburg (in localities)
Area of ​​the "core city", former city limits until 1972

The 40 districts of the city of Wolfsburg are combined into a total of 16 localities. Each locality has a local council with a local mayor elected by the population with voting rights. The local councils are to be heard on all important matters in their area.

Some parts of the city are subdivided in themselves or into residential areas, which, however, are neither listed in statistics nor have voting rights or are taken into account in political matters ; Often they are used for orientation , a clearer structure or are traditional hallway or place names (especially in new building areas, residential space names are assigned which are later noted on city maps).

Are listed here:

  • Locality
    • district
      • Place of residence or location (other common differentiations)

The localities with their associated districts (current population figures in brackets):

Population as of November 2004

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