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The Ster ZLM Toer - GP Jan van Heeswijk is a stage race for cyclists that runs through the Netherlands .

The race first took place in 1987 under the name Driedaagse van Schijndel . After that, the race was briefly called Teleflex Tour , Ster der Beloften and Ster Elektrotoer , until the current name was introduced in 2011. Until 1995 the race was only open to amateurs.

Traditionally, the Netherlands is driven through once from north to south on alternating courses. Just as traditionally, the last two stages take place in the province of Limburg : Sittard-Geleen and Valkenburg , which is already legendary in cycling, are the stage locations. There are also regular (partial) stages through neighboring countries: in 2005, for example, through the district of Heinsberg , Germany , and in 2006 a trip to Belgium was part of the program.

The Elektrotoer competed for many years with the Ronde van Holland , which also crossed the Netherlands lengthways and ended with two stages in Limburg . The Ronde but went with the introduction of the UCI ProTour in the Eneco Tour on.

In April 2018, the organizers of the race, the Stichting Wielerbelang Schijnde , announced that the event would not take place for 2018. The reason is that some stage locations have jumped off.


Ster ZLM Toer - GP Jan van Heeswijk

Ster Elektrotoer

Ster of the Beloften

Teleflex tour

  • 1994 Jos WolfkampNetherlandsNetherlands
  • 1993 Servais KnavenNetherlandsNetherlands
  • 1992 Martin van SteenNetherlandsNetherlands
  • 1991 Tristan HoffmannNetherlandsNetherlands
  • 1990 John the BraberNetherlandsNetherlands

Driedaagse van Schijndel

  • 1989 Reem KokNetherlandsNetherlands
  • 1988 Arno OttevangerNetherlandsNetherlands
  • 1987 Theo GeversNetherlandsNetherlands

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