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City of Wuppertal
Coordinates: 51 ° 16 ′ 19 ″  N , 7 ° 5 ′ 44 ″  E
Height : approx. 196 m above sea level NHN
Theisbruch (Wuppertal)

Location of Theisbruch in Wuppertal

View of Theisbruch, on the right above Am Hagen
View of Theisbruch, on the right above Am Hagen

Theisbruch is a court in the Bergisch city ​​of Wuppertal .

Location and description

The Hofschaft is located in the northwest of the city at 196  m above sea level. NHN in the middle of the Eckbusch residential area in the Uellendahl-Katernberg district in the Brucher Bach valley .

Neighboring places to live and places are in addition to Eckbusch , Am Hagen , Melandersbruch , Hixter , Eschenkamp , Kotthaus , Hugenbruch , Naurathssiepen , Oberste Leimberg and the Reithof Katernberg . The also neighboring ring bush has come off.


In 1438 the farm belonged to the property of Werden Abbey under the Oberhof Kalkofen . At that time, the affiliation of the farm, which was called Pöstgens- or Theiss-Bruch depending on the owner , to the Honschaft and parish of Sonnborn in the Bergisches Amt of Solingen was recorded.

Another mention than in the posches broke took place in 1576. Eschenkamp and Hixter were among the associated goods in the early modern period.

On the Topographia Ducatus Montani by Erich Philipp Ploennies from 1715, the farm is marked as Bruck . The place is marked on the topographical survey of the Rhineland from 1824 as Teisbruch and on the Prussian first survey of 1843 as Theisbruch .

In 1830 the estate had an area equivalent to 42 hectares and 49.17 ares . At that time 16 people lived in Theisbruch. The Hofschaft was in 1867 by the mayor Haan cleaved mayoralty Sonnborn , the 1888 territorial concessions to the City of Elberfeld in Vohwinkel was renamed.

In 1888, 25 people lived in Theisbruch in six houses. With the municipal reform of 1929, the city of Vohwinkel and Theisbruch were incorporated into the newly founded city of Wuppertal.

Individual evidence

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