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The Thor Heyerdahl under full sail on the Atlantic
The Thor Heyerdahl in Kiel
Packing the sails during the Kiel Week 2007

The Thor Heyerdahl - formerly Tinka , Marga Henning , Silke and Minnow - is a ship built in 1930, which today sails under the German flag as a three-masted topsail schooner (three-masted sailing ship). The ship was named after the Norwegian explorer and adventurer Thor Heyerdahl (1914–2002). The home port is Kiel , Germany .

Today the Thor Heyerdahl travels in the spirit of adventure education mainly with teams of young fellow sailors on the Atlantic and in the Baltic Sea .

Ship history

The Thor Heyerdahl was built in 1930 under the name "Tinka" at the Smit & Zoon shipyard in Westerbroek (Netherlands) as a motor ship with auxiliary sails. Hamburg became the first home port.

In the next 50 years the ship was used under changing names as a cargo ship to South Africa and the Caribbean. During this time, in 1951, the ship's capacity was increased to 300 tons by extending the hull amidships by a few meters.

In 1979 the run-down coaster was acquired by two sailing enthusiasts and converted into a three-masted topsail schooner from 1979 to 1983. One of the two new owners of the ship, Detlef Soitzek, was a navigator in the Indian Ocean from 1977 to 1978 on the reed boat expedition " Tigris " of the Norwegian anthropologist , zoologist , geologist , ethnologist , botanist and world traveler Thor Heyerdahl. He suggested naming the ship in the Norwegian name. The namesake gladly accepted the honor, especially since he, like many others, was very much in favor of the restoration and reuse of an old sailing ship.

Since 1983 Thor Heyerdahl has been part of the Thor Heyerdahl e. V. operated, which today has over 1000 members. In summer the ship is used on the North and Baltic Seas, in winter it sails the waters of the Canary Islands and the Caribbean.

More than 20,000 mainly young fellow sailors have so far taken the Thor Heyerdahl's voyages . The trips are carried out in the spirit of experiential education (holistic upbringing and educational concept).

The Thor Heyerdahl is a registered ship of the Sail Training Association Germany , which promotes sailing training including classic seamanship for young people, and has repeatedly participated in tall ship events of the Sail Training Association . The ship sailed at the Sail Amsterdam 1985 and 2010 as well as at the Sail in Bremerhaven 1986, Hamburg 1989 and Bremerhaven 1990, 1995 and 2000.

In July 2007, Thor Heyerdahl's license was withdrawn by the See-Berufsgenossenschaft due to safety devices that were no longer up to date. On August 9th, the See-Berufsgenossenschaft and the Thor Heyerdahl e. V. before the Administrative Court of Hamburg agreed in a settlement to lift the ban on expiry under certain conditions. The summer trips planned until October 20, 2007 could be carried out in a limited sailing area in the Baltic Sea.

From October 2007 to June 2009 the ship was completely renovated at HDW in Kiel. Thor Heyerdahl was rebuilt with the systems, standards and safety devices prescribed today. Since then, the ship has been used for various sailing offers.

KUS - classroom under sails

Since 2008, “KUS - Classrooms under Sail” has been taking place from October to April with around 30 10th grade students as a school project at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg . The Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture has equated the project with going to school abroad .

KUS begins in Kiel and leads via Tenerife to the Caribbean. Land stays of several weeks take place there. The journey home leads via Bermuda and the Azores back to Kiel.

High Seas High School

From 1993 to 2006, on the Thor Heyerdahl in cooperation with the school Hermann-Lietz-Spiekeroog (German as "Open Sea School" English pun) performed originally on the "High Seas High School" Fridtjof Nansen been launched was. Up to 30 students in the 11th grade (ages 15-18) from boarding schools and state high schools sailed from Germany via the Canary Islands to the Caribbean, to the South or Central American mainland and to Cuba and finally back to the home port of Kiel via the Azores . On the nearly seven-month trips, the students were integrated into everyday life on board and the sailing maneuvers as fellow sailors and received regular school lessons on board (e.g. German, English, Spanish, mathematics, physics, etc.). Shore excursions from the ports called and short language courses ashore complemented the experience; during these times the ship was used for two-week trips with adult fellow sailors. The trip 2000/2001 was accompanied by a professional film team (director: Torsten Truscheit ). The recordings resulted in the documentary series Junge Herzen , which was broadcast on ZDF in 2002 . Since 2007 the "High Seas High School" has been organized on the sailing ship Johann Smidt .

Ship data

Rigging / Rigg Three-masted topsail schooner
IMO no 5221491
Callsign DKQH
TS number TS-G 342
home port Kiel
Owner Sailing ship Thor Heyerdahl non-profit support company, managing director: Detlef Soitzek
hull Steel, welded (old: riveted)
Length over all (Lüa) today 49.48 m (old 49.83 m)
Hull length today 42.50 m
width 6.53 m
Draft 2.90 m (old 2.55 m)
Main mast height 29 m
Sail area 830 m²
Sails Flyer, outer jib, middle jib, inner jib, stay jib, 3 gaff sails, 2 gaff top sails, 1 main stay sail, 1 topsail, 1 top jib and 1 broad jib, 2 sky sails, leeward sails
crew Max. 50 (9-14 permanent crew and up to 36 paying guests)
Machine ("motor") 400 HP Deutz diesel, 6 cylinder, year of construction 1951, maximum 400 rpm
Auxiliary machine 2 auxiliary diesels. Generator circuit 220/380 alternating current or 24 V direct current.
Rescueboat: 40 hp
Safety devices: 3 life rafts for 25 people each, life jackets, fire extinguishers, stationary and mobile fire pumps, emergency satellite transmitter (EPIRB), 2 radar transponders

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