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Tobias Smollett, around 1770

Tobias George Smollett (born March 19, 1721 in Dalquhurn , West Dunbartonshire , Scotland , † September 17, 1771 in Livorno , Italy ) was a Scottish doctor and writer .


Smollett was the son of a judge and landowner and was tutored by private tutors. In the 1730s he began to study medicine at Marischal College ( University of Glasgow ), but did not receive a formal degree in this subject. After a brief activity as assistant to a surgeon in Glasgow, Smollett moved to London in 1739 to try his luck as a playwright.

However, he was not particularly successful and traveled as a ship's doctor in 1740, initially on the HMS Chichester, to Jamaica , where he settled for several years. On his return he opened a doctor's office in London in 1747 and married a wealthy Jamaican heiress, Anne Nancy Lascelles (1721–1791). He was on friendly terms with the Scottish doctor and obstetrician William Smellie .

His first publication was a poem about the Battle of Culloden , but it was his Picaresque novel Roderick Random , which he had written based on the model of Gil Blas by Alain-René Lesage , that made him famous in 1748. Autobiographical elements were developed into a picaresque novel with comedy and the art of storytelling . In the following years Smollett collected material in France for his next novel, The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle , which appeared in 1751 and was also a great success. In 1752 , Smollett was drawn into the Paper War of 1752–1753 by Henry Fielding and John Hill . 1753 followed Ferdinand Count Fathom , ( Count Ferdinand Fathom ), who in some ways already anticipated the later horror novel . Smollett was now considered a leading literary figure, associated with David Garrick , Oliver Goldsmith , Samuel Johnson and Laurence Sterne .

In the last decade of his life, Smollett wrote "A Complete History of England" (1750) and "A Continuation of the Complete History, 5 Vol., Ldn., Baldwin 1760-65 (ca. 2500 Sn., 51 Kpf.u..10 Gest.u. Gef.Ktn.), Which he considered to be his real main work, also the novel Sir Launcelot Greaves (1760) and the travel reports Travels through France and Italy (1766), his last novel Humphry Clinker , which appeared in the year of his death, is considered by many readers to be his most successful work: elements of the picaresque novel, the letter novel and the travelogue have been artfully combined to form a unit.

For health reasons, Smollett spent the last years of his life in Italy, where he died in 1771.

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The adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves

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Travels through France and Italy

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The expedition of Humphry Clinker

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