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Literature year 1753
Nouveau Théatre Italy par Riccoboni chez AU Coustelier en 1718 tome 2
Johann Gottlob Wilhelm Dunkel - Historical-critical news from deceased scholars and their writings


In 1753 the British Museum Library , the library of the British Museum in London, took over the book collection that had been put together by Hans Sloane . The date is considered to be the founding date of the British Library , one of the largest research libraries in the world with over 250 million volumes.

Friedrich Melchior Grimm takes over the management of the Nouvelles littéraires , which was published from 1747 to 1753 by Guillaume Thomas François Raynal , and changes the name to Correspondance littéraire, philosophique et critique . Grimm published the Correspondance littéraire until 1775 and then handed the management over to his long-time secretary Jakob Heinrich Meister .

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William Roscoe , portrayed by Martin Archer Shee , 1815–1817
Wilhelm Christhelf Sigmund Mylius (Engraving by Daniel Berger after a drawing by Friedrich Rosenberg .) Portrait copper from Litteratur- und Theater-Zeitung for the year 1784 , Berlin: Wever, 1784.
Phillis Wheatley . Frontispiece of the Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral. London 1773.
Christoph Kaufmann ; Copper engraving from the circle of Johann Kaspar Lavater
Aurelio de 'Giorgi Bertola ; Engraving around 1780




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