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Tommaso Maria Cardinal Martinelli OESA

Tommaso Maria Martinelli OESA (born February 4, 1827 in Borgo Sant'Anna , † March 30, 1888 in Rome ) was an Italian cardinal to the Curia .


The son of Cosma Martinelli and Maddalena Pardini entered the order of the Augustinian Hermits in Lucca at the age of 15 and made temporary profession on April 19, 1844 . His much younger brother Sebastiano Martinelli later also became an Augustinian hermit, clergyman and cardinal.

Martinelli was ordained a priest in Rome on December 22, 1849 . He worked as a lecturer at the Collegio Sant'Agostino in Rome. It served as a rain shower for studies and schools. From 1856 until his appointment as a full professor in 1862 worked as an associate professor of the Holy Scriptures at the University of La Sapienza , where he taught until 1870. In 1862 he visited Belgium , Holland , Ireland , Bavaria and Bohemia with the Superior General of the Order . In 1864 he advised the Index Congregation . He took part as a theologian at the First Vatican Council from 1869 to 1870.

On December 22, 1873, Pope Pius IX took Tommaso Maria Martinelli as cardinal deacon with the titled deaconry San Giorgio in Velabro in the college of cardinals . On March 12, 1874, the same Pope appointed him Prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education . On September 17, 1875 he was appointed cardinal priest of Santa Prisca . On October 18, 1877, Martinelli was appointed Prefect of the Congregation for Rites. As a cardinal he took part in the conclave of 1878, which Pope Leo XIII. chose. Martinelli headed the Congregation of Rites until his appointment as prefect of the Index Congregation on July 15, 1878. As treasurer of the Holy College of Cardinals , he administered the income to the College of Cardinals from March 15, 1883 to March 24, 1884.

On March 24, 1884, he was raised to Cardinal Bishop of Sabina . He was ordained episcopal by the secretary of the Congregation for the Holy Roman and Universal Inquisition , Cardinal Raffaele Monaco La Valletta , on March 30th in the Church of Sant'Agostino .

On March 30, 1888, Cardinal Martinelli died after a brief illness in Rome at the age of 61. His body was laid out in the church of Sant'Agostino , where the funeral ceremony took place on April 4th . Cardinal Martinelli was buried in the Augustinian chapel in the Campo Verano cemetery.

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