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VTG Aktiengesellschaft

legal form Corporation
founding 1951
Seat Hamburg , Germany
  • Heiko Fischer, CEO
Number of employees 1,626
sales 1,073 million euros
Branch logistics
Website www.vtg.de
As of December 31, 2018

VTG headquarters in Hamburg

The VTG Aktiengesellschaft is one Railway - Logistics - logistics and wagon hire company based in Hamburg . It is active in the areas of wagon rental (including wagon construction , repair and maintenance), rail logistics and tank container logistics. Its customers include around a thousand companies from the chemical and mineral oil industries, as well as the automotive, paper and consumer goods industries. With 94,000 freight wagons , the VTG Group has the largest private wagon fleet in Europe. The VTG Group includes 27 companies that are active in 49 countries. In 2018, the company employed more than 1,600 people, including around 500 abroad.


The VTG Group goes back to the state-owned company VTG Vereinigte Tanklager und Transportmittel GmbH , which was founded in 1951 . This emerged from parts of the empire's own economic research company (Wifo) founded in 1934 . This company served to set up production and storage facilities for raw materials. VTG, which was founded in 1951 at the instigation of the responsible federal authorities, took over the tank storage, tank wagon and tanker operations that had been operating under the name of Wifo .

VTG was privatized in 1961 by being sold to Preussag . During almost 45 years of affiliation with the group, VTG concentrated on the wagon rental business, but was also active in inland shipping and tank storage after the Lehnkering logistics activities were merged and renamed to VTG-Lehnkering AG in 1998 . There was also an engagement in the ship management of oil rig suppliers . By means of acquisitions and divestments, business activities were subsequently geared towards the three business areas of wagon rental, rail logistics and tank container logistics. In 2002 Preussag gave itself the new group name TUI . The VTG activities were continued and expanded. In the same year, VTG took over the European rail logistics activities of the Australian Brambles Group and increased the fleet of vehicles by around 23,000 wagons. In 2004 the company increased its stake in Transpetrol to 75% ( Kuehne + Nagel holds the rest ). In the same year, the bulk and special logistics department was sold and the name was changed to VTG Aktiengesellschaft .

In June 2005 TUI sold its subsidiary VTG to Compagnie Européenne de Wagons , a company the majority of which is held by funds managed by an international investment group led by El Vedado LLC from Wilbur Ross . By 2006, the rail freight car and tank container fleet of the French Algeco , OMV , the Swiss Rexwal Finance , Otto Wolff Railtrans and the former Swedish Nordwaggon were acquired . In 2007, the shares in VOTG Tanktainer were increased from 58.4% to 100%. From the former Groupe Caib Auxifer , its Swiss offshoot ETRA Eisenbahn-Transportmittel also came to VTG.

In mid-2008 the company expanded into the Chinese tank container logistics market when the joint venture of the subsidiary VOTG, Cosco Logistics Beijing, took over half of the shares in the logistics service provider Cosco-Vopak Logistics Shanghai . At the end of July 2008, VTG took over the wagon construction division of the insolvent Graaff Group in Elze .

In April 2010, VTG took over the Rexwal Group with 720 freight wagons and in July of the same year the company acquired a further 1,100 grain wagons from the French rail logistics company TMF, in which it also took a stake. In April 2011, another 300 wagons were taken over from the Italian competitor Sogerent. With this, VTG reacted to the improving economic development and at the same time diversified the wagon types on offer. At the beginning of June 2011, VTG expanded into the Russian broad-gauge network with the acquisition of the Finnish Railcraft Oy group with 560 tank cars of its own .

At the end of 2011, VTG doubled the number of wagons in the USA by taking over the lessor SC Rail Leasing America (SCRL) from Collinsville (Illinois) with more than 2000 wagons. After the acquisition of Texas Railcar Leasing Company (TRLX) with 1000 wagons at the beginning of 2008, the wagon stock could already be doubled by 2010. In 2013, VTG further expanded its rail logistics business in Europe and, together with Kuehne + Nagel (K + N), founded the joint venture VTG Rail Logistics , which was supposed to drive business expansion in the direction of Russia and the Balkans. However, the 30 percent stake held by K + N was transferred to VTG with effect from January 5, 2016. On December 22, 2014, VTG was reassigned to the SDAX , which it again had to leave on March 18, 2019.

AAE badge on a freight car

On September 29, 2014 it was announced that VTG would take over the Swiss AAE with 30,000 freight wagons. After the approval of the antitrust authorities, the takeover, which was financed by a capital increase of 34%, was completed in early January 2015. The new shares were taken over by the founder of AAE, Andreas Goer, who became the largest shareholder with 29%. In 2016, Andreas Goer sold this 29% stake in VTG's share capital to Morgan Stanley Infrastructure , which became the largest shareholder in VTG AG , ahead of Kühne Holding AG (20%) and the Joachim Herz Foundation (10%) . With the takeover of the Kühne shares in July 2018, the Morgan Stanley share reached almost 50%. The takeover offer made by Warwick Holding GmbH (a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley) in the amount of EUR 53 per share on July 16, 2018 was not recommended to shareholders by VTG AG because of its lack of intrinsic value.

On July 1, 2017, an agreement was signed to acquire all shares in CIT Rail Holdings (Europe) SAS , Paris. At the beginning of October 2018, VTG announced the takeover of CIT Rail Holdings and the associated Nacco Group with 11,000 freight wagons. The remaining 3,000 freight wagons had to be handed over to a bidding consortium made up of the wagon rental company Wascosa AG (Lucerne, Switzerland) and Aves One AG (Hamburg) on October 1 for anti-trust reasons .

In the mid-2010s, a new type of tank wagon for transporting LNG was developed. In April 2016, the wagon was loaded with LNG for the first time in Brunsbüttel's Elbe port . After the establishment of an LNG import terminal in the 2020s, such tank wagons should enable further transport by rail.

Stock exchange

Since June 28, 2007, VTG has been listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The largest shareholder at the time was Compagnie Européenne de Wagons with around 54% . After almost a year, VTG was included in the SDAX selection index with effect from September 22, 2008. However, she had to temporarily vacate this space again between March 24 and December 4, 2014. After VTG was taken over by an investment fund of Bank Morgan Stanley , VTG was taken off the stock exchange in April 2019.

Key figures

Facts and figures VTG Group
Companies of the VTG Group
(27 consolidated group companies)
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
number of employees 1170 1188 1191 1312 1445 1443 1527 1626
Turnover (million euros) 750 767 783.7 818.3 1,027.5 986.9 1,014.4 1,072.6
Operating profit (EBITDA, million euros) 168.7 173.8 183.8 191.0 336.5 345.3 343.4 349.3
EBIT (million euros) 72.3 68.8 77.7 83.5 144.1 149.7 155.1 149.4
Balance sheet total (million euros) 1,461.9 1,527.9 1,550.8 1,673.4
Number of rail freight cars used 53,800 54,400 53,100 > 80,000
Number of tank containers used 9,900 10.100 10,600 10,700


Wagon rental

Wagon rental

In wagon rental, VTG uses a fleet of over 94,000 rail freight cars worldwide. A total of around 1000 types of wagons are used. The focus is on tank and large-capacity freight cars and flat cars . The VTG Group's vehicle fleet is the largest private fleet in Europe. In addition to the rental of rail freight cars, VTG also offers the management, technical support, administration and maintenance of third-party wagon fleets. VTG also has its own wagon construction capacities and three repair plants in Germany and France. In addition, VTG has a 50% stake in the Swiss lessor Transwaggon .

Rail logistics

In rail logistics, VTG transports mineral oil and chemical products, liquefied gases as well as bulk and piece goods in single wagon and block train traffic . In this segment, VTG works with a network of national and international partners, but also uses its own fleet of vehicles. In rail logistics, VTG is represented in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Austria, Hungary and the Ukraine. In 2012, VTG first appeared as a railway company (EVU), using the then subsidiary Transpetrol as a traction company .

Tank container

Tank container logistics

In tank container logistics, VTG has a fleet of around 10,000 tank containers that can be reloaded from one mode of transport to another. Liquid and temperature-controlled products in the chemical, mineral oil and compressed gas industries are mainly transported worldwide. VTG has eight locations in this segment, including a. the head office in Hamburg and two regional centers in Singapore and West Chester (Pennsylvania) (USA), as well as a worldwide agency network.


In 2018/2019, VTG AG (together with the BMVI and DB Cargo ) was awarded the Privatbahn Magazin innovation prize for developing the "innovative freight wagon" .

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