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The Father's Day (regional and Lord's or Men's Day ) is a crime committed in various parts of the world customs in honor of fathers and fatherhood. It is celebrated on different days depending on the country and region.

Similar to Mother's Day and International Women's Day, there are also efforts to establish an International Men's Day globally .

German-speaking area


Carriage Ride on Father's Day (2008)

The popular Father's Day is celebrated in Germany on Ascension Day, the 40th day of the Easter festival circle . Especially in East Germany , which is more atheistically influenced, it is also known as the men's day , with the “men's day part” often in the foreground in customs instead of religious content. In Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and parts of Brandenburg, the term “Men's Day” is also used.

Today's form of "Father's Day celebrations" came up at the end of the 19th century in Berlin and the surrounding area, probably brought into being by brewery entrepreneurs out of economic interests. Ascension Day has been a public holiday in Germany since 1934 . In the GDR the day was only a public holiday until 1966 and in 1990; different possibilities were used there to still be able to do a “men's day game” on this day. For example, members of religious communities had the right to celebrate their festive days, provided that this was or could be granted by the employer.

Although in Germany in the meantime, in large parts of the population and the media, celebrating Father's Day seems to have displaced the perception of Ascension Day as a Christian religious feast day, the special German custom of the “men's day party” is also criticized. The criticisms are:

  • In contrast to Father's Day in many other European and non-European countries and Mother's Day, which focuses on the thanks of the children for a lifetime achievement, in Germany fathers and men mainly celebrate themselves with the “men's party” and want to do something good for themselves .
  • In this way, the date on Ascension Day replaces a more than 1500 year old religious festival with a drinking ritual that is only 100 years old with excesses and corresponding consequences such as a significantly increased rate of traffic accidents.
  • With the “Herrentagspartie”, an outdated image of men of male associations and excessive alcohol consumption as well as the exclusion of women and children will be cemented.

However, this often-cited stereotype only applies to some of the partying men. For many men, Father's Day is a family day that is celebrated with a wife and children.


In Austria, Father's Day is the second Sunday in June, which, like Mother's Day , is meant to be an occasion to buy flowers and small gifts. Father's Day was celebrated in Austria for the first time in 1955 and is being noticed more and more. In 2009, Father's Day in Austria reached two thirds of Mother's Day sales with 108 million euros (2009: 156 million euros).


In Switzerland, Father's Day is traditionally not celebrated and only occasionally celebrated in migrant families from Germany and in border regions.

In 2007, this day of celebration and action was also unofficially introduced in Switzerland: the so-called Swiss Father's Day has been celebrated nationwide on the first Sunday in June since 2009. According to the initiators from the men's movement ( Männer.ch ), the Swiss Father's Day should express appreciation for fatherly commitment. In contrast to Father's Day in other countries, Father's Day consists primarily of a father-child day of action and also aims at a political dimension: The framework conditions for committed fatherhood in work, family and society are to be improved. When it was first held on June 17, 2007, regional events were held and the political demands were reported in the media. During the second event on June 15, 2008, the focus was on the challenges relating to the compatibility of family and work.

In Ticino , like in Italy, Father's Day is celebrated on Joseph's Day , March 19, the feast of St. Joseph , according to the Bible ( Mt 1.20-25  EU ) the foster father of Jesus .

Before the introduction of the right to vote for women , the day of the rural community in the rural community cantons was rather jokingly called "Father's Day". This day was or is, as in Nidwalden , Obwalden and Appenzell Ausserrhoden , in Appenzell Innerrhoden usually the last Sunday in April and in the canton of Glarus the first Sunday in May.


In Liechtenstein, like in Italy, Father's Day is celebrated on Joseph's Day , March 19. St. Joseph's Day is a regional holiday.


In Luxembourg , Father's Day ( cardboard day ) is celebrated on the first Sunday in October. The children give their father flowers or small gifts or handicrafts. In elementary school, Father's Day songs are sometimes prepared and then performed at home.

Rest of Europe

  • In Bulgaria, Father's Day is celebrated on December 26th, which is among other things the feast of St. Joseph in the regional calendar there.
  • In Belgium, Father's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in June. This does not apply to the Antwerp region , where Father's Day falls on St. Joseph's Day .
  • In Denmark, Father's Day is celebrated on June 5th, which is also the day of the Danish Basic Law .
  • In Estonia and Finland , Father's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in November.
  • In France , Father's Day has been celebrated on the third Sunday in June since 1952, and in Ireland (Fathers Day) also on the third Sunday in June. For this purpose, special tables with special men's gifts have been set up in many department stores in the weeks before.
  • In Iceland , Father's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in November; it was first celebrated in 2006.
  • In predominantly Catholic Italy , Father's Day (Festa del papà) is celebrated on St. Joseph's Day, March 19th. Father's Day is a family holiday that is rooted in tradition and is celebrated and celebrated as a counterpart to Mother's Day . The children make handicrafts or buy small gifts for their father, learn poetry or perform small pieces in kindergarten and school.
  • Croatia : In Croatia, Father's Day (Očev dan) is celebrated on St. Joseph's Day.
  • In Lithuania , Father's Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in June, four weeks after Mother's Day (first Sunday in May).
  • In the Netherlands , Father's Day (Vaderdag) has been celebrated on the third Sunday in June since 1948. Typically, on this day, the fathers are brought breakfast to bed and typical "men's gifts" are given.
  • In Poland , Father's Day (Dzień Ojca) is celebrated on June 23.
  • In Portugal , Father's Day (Dia do Pai) is celebrated on March 19th.
  • In Romania , Father's Day has been celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in May since 2010, previously it was celebrated on May 5th.

  • The Swedish fars dag is celebrated on the second Sunday in November. In 1931 the tradition came to Sweden from the United States and was first celebrated in June as well. Later, at the request of the Nordic trading community, Father's Day was moved to November to give it a status comparable to Mother's Day. This also increased the commercialization of the holiday. With the exception of Denmark, Father's Day is celebrated on the same date in all of Scandinavia, Estonia and Finland .
  • Slovakia : Originally, Father's Day in Slovakia was celebrated on St. Joseph's Day. In the meantime, the American date has been adapted and Father's Day is on the third Sunday in June.
  • The Spaniards celebrate Father's Day (Día del Padre or Día de los Padres) also on St. Joseph's Day. Children give their fathers gifts that they have painted or made themselves. The school teacher Manuela Vicente Ferrero with her school near Madrid, who organized a festival in her school in 1948, at which the fathers of her students were entertained, played a key role in the creation of this holiday. The party was supposed to compensate for the already existing Mother's Day and appease the "envious" fathers.
  • Czech Republic : Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June, but it has never been of great importance. The first event to celebrate Father's Day is the Tátafest , which has been held in many cities in the Czech Republic since 2007 and is organized by the Liga otevřených mužů (League of Open Men) together with various family and community centers.
  • In Turkey , Father's Day (babalar günü) is celebrated on the third Sunday in June.
  • In Hungary , too , Father's Day takes place on the third Sunday in June. However, in contrast to Mother's Day, which is celebrated there on the first Sunday in May, and even more so on Women's Day on March 8, it does not play a role in society .
  • In Ukraine , Father's Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June.
  • In the United Kingdom , Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June.

United States

In the United States of America , Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. In 1909 Sonora Smart Dodd first came up with the idea of ​​a Father's Day to honor her father, William Jackson Smart, a civil war veteran . His wife had died giving birth to their sixth child, and Mr. Smart raised the newborn and the other five children alone on a farm in eastern Washington state . Mrs. Dodd wanted to honor the strength and selflessness her father had shown his children. The first Father's Day was observed on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington. At the same time, Father's Day celebrations were popping up in various US cities. In 1924, US President Calvin Coolidge supported the idea of ​​a national Father's Day, but it wasn't until 1966 that President Lyndon Johnson signed a proclamation declaring the third Sunday of June Father's Day. In 1974, President Nixon made Father's Day an official holiday for the third Sunday in June through Public Law 92-278. On Father's Day, fathers receive gifts or flowers from their children, they recite poems or go on trips together.

Latin America

  • In Argentina , Chile , Panama , Costa Rica , Paraguay , Ecuador , Peru , Colombia , Mexico, and Venezuela , Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June each year.
  • In Bolivia , the Dia del Padre is celebrated on March 19th, St. Joseph's Day .
  • In Brazil , Father's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in August every year.
  • In Cuba , Father's Day ( Día de los Padres ) is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June. This date goes back to an initiative of the writer Dulce María Borrero , who campaigned for a national day of remembrance for the fathers. The first time Father's Day was celebrated in Cuba on June 19, 1938.


  • In the Republic of China (Taiwan) , Father's Day is celebrated on August 8th. This is due to the fact that the “eight” in Chinese is pronounced ba ( Chinese  , Pinyin ) and the eighth day of the eighth month is therefore called baba in short , which is also the Chinese pronunciation for “father” ( Chinese 爸爸, Pinyin bàba ) resembles. In addition, the 8 is also a symbol of luck.
  • In the People's Republic of China (including Hong Kong), Japan and the Philippines , Father's Day is observed on the third Sunday in June. In Japan this day is called chichi no hi and is not a public holiday.
  • Father's Day has no tradition in Indonesia . The Indonesian Father's Day ( Hari Ayah , " Father's Day ") was first declared in 2016 by the Ministry of Family, Education and Culture following an initiative by a mother's organization. It is celebrated on November 12th and is not a public holiday.
  • In Iran , Father's Day is celebrated on the anniversary of the birthday of the first Shiite imam , Ali . This day is shifted from year to year due to the Islamic calendar and the lunar calendar .
  • There is no "Father's Day" in South Korea , but there is a "Children's Day" on May 5th, which is a public holiday to allow fathers to have time for their families. On top of that, May 8th is considered "Parents' Day", albeit not legally.
  • In Thailand , Father's Day is called Wan Phor and is a national holiday. It is celebrated on the birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej , December 5th. On this day, “outstanding fathers of the country” (in varying numbers) are honored. In 2004 there were 327 fathers. If December 5th falls on a Sunday, Father's Day will be celebrated on the following Monday regardless of the king's birthday.



  • In South Africa, Father's Day takes place on the third Sunday in June.

International Father's Day

International Father's Day has developed from the tradition of the US third Sunday in June since 2012 .

Date overview

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06th January0 SerbiaSerbia Serbia
0February 230 RussiaRussia Russia (Defender of the Fatherland Day)
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0May 7th0 KazakhstanKazakhstan Kazakhstan
08th of May0 Korea SouthSouth Korea South Korea (Parents Day)
0May: 2nd Sun.0 08th of May0 0May 14th0 RomaniaRomania Romania
0Ascension0 0April, 30th0 02th of June0 GermanyGermany Germany
0May: 3rd Sun.0 0May 150 0May 210 TongaTonga Tonga
0June: 1st Sun0 0June 1st0 0June 7th0 LithuaniaLithuania Lithuania , SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland 
0June 5th0 DenmarkDenmark Denmark
0June: 2nd Sun0 08th June0 014th June0 AustriaAustria Austria , BelgiumBelgiumBelgium 
017th of June0 El SalvadorEl Salvador El Salvador , Pakistan , GuatemalaPakistanPakistan GuatemalaGuatemala 
0June: 3rd Sun.0 015th June0 0June 21st0 JapanJapan Japan , People's Republic of China , Hong Kong , Puerto Rico , United States , India , United Kingdom , Canada , Chile , Colombia , Costa Rica , France , Turkey , Peru , Slovakia , South Africa , Singapore , Ukraine , Mexico , Ireland , Netherlands , Greece , Argentina , Paraguay , Cuba , Ecuador , Panama , Hungary , Venezuela , PhilippinesChina People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China Hong KongHong Kong Puerto RicoPuerto Rico United StatesUnited States IndiaIndia United KingdomUnited Kingdom CanadaCanada ChileChile ColombiaColombia Costa RicaCosta Rica FranceFrance TurkeyTurkey PeruPeru SlovakiaSlovakia South AfricaSouth Africa SingaporeSingapore UkraineUkraine MexicoMexico IrelandIreland NetherlandsNetherlands GreeceGreece ArgentinaArgentina ParaguayParaguay CubaCuba EcuadorEcuador PanamaPanama HungaryHungary VenezuelaVenezuela PhilippinesPhilippines 
023rd June0 PolandPoland Poland , NicaraguaNicaraguaNicaragua 
0July: 2nd Sun0 08th of July0 0July 14th0 UruguayUruguay Uruguay
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08th August0 TaiwanRepublic of China (Taiwan) Taiwan
0August: 2nd Sun.0 08th August0 0August 14th0 BrazilBrazil Brazil , SamoaSamoaSamoa 
0September: 1st Sun0 0September 10 07th of September0 AustraliaAustralia Australia , New ZealandNew ZealandNew Zealand 
0September: 2nd Sun0 0September 8th0 0September 14th0 LatviaLatvia Latvia
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0November: 2nd Sun.0 0November 8th0 014th November0 EstoniaEstonia Estonia , Finland , Norway , Iceland , SwedenFinlandFinland NorwayNorway IcelandIceland SwedenSweden 
0November 12th0 IndonesiaIndonesia Indonesia
0December 5th0 ThailandThailand Thailand
0December 26th0 BulgariaBulgaria Bulgaria


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