Damn this America

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Original title Damn this America
Country of production Germany , Spain
original language German , Spanish
Publishing year 1973
length 92 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Volker Vogeler
script Ulf Miehe
Volker Vogeler
production Elías Quereteja
music Luis de Pablo
camera Luis Cuadrado
cut Pablo G. del Amo

Cursed this America is a 1973 German-Spanish co-production western that uses realistic images to tell an emigration story of failure. It was first shown in cinemas on September 7, 1973.


1885: Five Bavarian outsiders convicted of poaching make their dream come true. After their release from prison, they emigrate to America, the land of their dreams. First they are forced to work in a Nevada silver mine, then they end up in the puritan town of Yanktown. At first welcomed with amusement, they soon have to perform the lowest services such as abortions in order to eke out their lives. The Bavarian Catholics also come into conflict in other ways: in matters of faith with the Puritans, with the Indians, because they lost their jobs because of them. They are also expelled from Yanktown. They join the gang of Doc Holliday and his girlfriend Kate Elder , who use the five Bavarians as assistants for a bank robbery - they now want to return to Europe with the booty. Four of the friends die in the process. Your last words are, "Damn this America!"


The lexicon of international films saw Vogeler's film as a failure on a high level, because it was “a counter-western designed with humor and parodistic artificiality, which plays with well-known genre motifs in order to create an anti-romantic counter-image. The appealing topic suffers from the increasingly confused staging, which does not know how to integrate the current time-critical insertions in a meaningful way. ”In contrast, Maurus Pacher saw the dawn of a new western era:“ One has not yet seen the colors in this small western town. The tenderly and laconically portrayed tragedy, […] absurd and touching, […] lost an Andreas Hofer song in the New World. The bare fear of the supposedly big coup pitiable. ". Günter Herburger wrote in Die Zeit : “I have to reach up in order to be able to compare the degree of my disturbance after seeing this film. It was as if I had read America, the incomplete book by Kafka, for the first time. Just as desperately I swayed and rowed around afterwards and wanted to cry, but only found sadness and emptiness, which no longer gave an echo ”, because: In this film“ (everything is) strange, unknown, disturbed, makes people indecisive, clumsy, confuses Although we believe we know, read and often see what the five Bavarians experience in classic westerns, spaghetti westerns, salmon sack westerns, pomade and music westerns, but we experience it for the first time, isolated and devastatingly lonely, as it was before must be when Bavaria or Saxony or the poor Chinese had to emigrate in order to survive. "


The German side of the production was represented by "Production 1 in the film publishing house of the authors ".

The film continues the plot of the film Jaider - the lonely hunter , which director Vogeler (also based on a book by Ulf Miehe) directed in 1970.

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