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Salespeople (sometimes also called retail trade specialists ) are specialists who are entrusted with the sale of goods or services as well as the acquisition of customers and have different professional titles depending on their degree of specialization and commercial law position .

This profession is a classic women's domain . In 2010, the proportion of women in training and professional practice in the DACH countries was between 62 and 92 percent.

Employed salespeople

According to § 611 ff. BGB, the so-called permanent seller (including travelers ) is an employee in a service contract with the employer with corresponding duties of loyalty and due diligence . Conversely, due by the employer, irrespective of the stage sales, from employment wages and welfare (usually social and personal care ).

Furthermore, salaried salespeople work, for example, in retail and wholesale for small and large companies . Her main tasks include providing specialist advice , cashing in and sorting goods.

Choice of the seller by the company

When choosing the right distribution channel, the entrepreneur has to consider a number of factors. Experience has shown that the economic interests of the provider outweigh the interests of the employee or the customer. Such a position may be reversed if the seller himself enters into negotiations with the provider with sound information about the market and can put the feasibility of the specifications into perspective based on his professional experience or his own customer contacts (for example, shows data on customer behavior in this special market environment) . The sale of the sales service is therefore the most plausible work sample for evaluating salespeople in practice.

A fundamental difficulty in sales is the fact that potential employees often offer less technical and factual competence than an artificial, confident appearance. The latent lack of commitment and lack of authenticity of the average seller often resulting from this therefore often turns out to be daunting and counterproductive when dealing with critical customers; In addition to the unwillingness of many entrepreneurs to negotiate with “employees” on an equal footing, this ultimately leads to high fluctuation in the industry (“ hire and fire ” or “ headhunting ”).

Essential elements of sales technology for the seller are, in addition to the means of presentation, advertising media and advertising media , all areas of modern sales psychology . It contains the methods for targeted influence, handling of objections and customer recovery by the seller in the event of a complaint. This also includes the upstream areas of self-management including time management and personality development as well as the downstream area of after-sales management .

Apprenticeship in Germany

Seller is an oriented two-year apprenticeship training occupation . After successful completion, it is possible, by agreement with the training company, to complete another year of training and further qualify as a retailer .

In 2011, 27,697 new training contracts were concluded in Germany. On the ranking list of the apprenticeships according to new degrees, the apprenticeship occupation ranks second.

The training content includes:

The prerequisites for training as a salesperson include good knowledge of mathematics and German, language fluency and expressiveness, as well as a strong memory for people and numbers. In addition, interested parties should have good manners, a confident demeanor, sociability and self-control.

After completing the training, there are various options for further development. In addition to further training, such as to become a retail salesman or commercial specialist, specializations in areas such as gardening supplies, clothing, furniture or vehicle technology are available.

Apprenticeship in Austria

In contrast to Germany, the official job title for salesperson in Austria is retail salesman . There is therefore no separate training to become a salesperson, but apprentices complete the three-year dual training course to become a retail salesman . This apprenticeship is offered with 14 different focuses: general retail, building materials trade, furnishing advice, iron and hardware, electrical and electronics advice, meat trade, motor vehicles and spare parts, food trade, perfumery, shoes, sporting goods, telecommunications, textile trade, watch and jewelery advice.

The training content is basically the same as in Germany, but is more extensive due to the one year longer training period. The focus-specific training content results from the respective areas of activity. The training ends with the final apprenticeship examination , which consists of a written and an oral part.

Apprenticeship in Switzerland

Retail specialist EFZ

In Switzerland, the apprenticeship as a retail specialist is called EFZ . The French name is Gestionnaire du commerce de détail CFC , the Italian Impiegato del commercio al dettaglio AFC . The occupation is mostly taken up by women and is the second most common training occupation taken by women after training as a business woman. The training lasts three years.

The training is offered with a focus on advice or management .

Retail assistant EBA

For weaker students, there is an EBA retail assistant apprenticeship . The French name is Assistant du commerce de détail AFP , the Italian Assistant del commercio al dettaglio CFP . The training generally lasts two years, in some branches longer.

Contracting party

In the purchase contract , the contracting party opposite the buyer is called the seller ( Section 433 BGB ), so it is also a legal term . According to § 56 HGB , the employed seller is authorized to sell and receive goods in a shop or in an open warehouse . All legal acts that the seller has undertaken within the framework of Section 56 of the German Commercial Code (HGB) are directly effective for and against the owner of the commercial transaction . The seller is authorized so to the goods sold to the buyer handed over and to transfer them ( § 433 BGB) and the buyer the purchase price to accept ( § 362 para. 1 BGB).

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