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Werner Funke (born March 27, 1931 in Reichenbach ) is a German zoologist , researcher and university professor . Until his retirement in 1999 he researched and taught at the University of Ulm .


Werner Funke was born in Reichenbach in 1931 - between Zwickauer Mulde and Weißer Elster , between Zwickau and Plauen . He attended school (elementary school and high school) in Reichenbach and graduated in 1949 with the Abitur. In 1950 he fled across the "Green Border" in the west to Mainz , where he began studying zoology at the Johannes Gutenberg University . In 1956 he received his doctorate. In 1958 he went to Braunschweig with Prof. Friedrich Schaller as a DFG scholarship holder and in 1959 to Göttingen to the Georg-August-Universität to the professors Georg Birukow and Peter Ax . In 1966 the habilitation followed with a study on the complex orientation, memory and homing abilities of the limpet patella. From 1971 Funke was professor and department head for ecology in Göttingen and from 1975 until his retirement in 1999 full professor and head of the department “Ecology and Morphology of Animals” in Ulm. In the meantime he was 1989–1993 chairman of the "German Society for General and Applied Entomology" (DGaaE) and 1995–1997 Dean of the "Faculty of Natural Sciences"


Main areas of work:

  • Structure and dynamics of animal societies in terrestrial ecosystems
  • Autecology (ecoethology) and population ecology of arthropods , molluscs, etc. Vertebrates
  • Invertebrates as indicators of environmental influences


The main focus of his teaching activity was the participation in animal identification exercises and excursions, in biological and ecological colloquia and the supervision of doctoral and diploma students.

Publications (selection)

  • Home-finding ability and local loyalty with Patella L. (habilitation thesis), Göttingen 1966
  • over 150 publications about his research results (see homepage under "Weblinks")
  • Over 200 supervised examination papers (see homepage under "Weblinks")

General topics

  • The discovery of the fundamentals. Prof. Schaller 80 years. uni-ulm intern, No. 242 (2001), pp. 29-30.
  • With dedication and success. Zoologist and university politician. Prof. Dr. Detlef Bückmann 75 years. uni-ulm intern, No. 257 (2002), pp. 31-33.
  • 80 years and not a bit tired. Zool. Offered. Ges. Austria. Writings of the Association for the Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge, No. 141 (2003), pp. 11–15.
  • Mirror symmetry in the behavior of the animals. Zool. Offered. Ges. Austria. Writings of the Association for the Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge, No. 141 (2003), pp. 69–91.
  • Editor of the magazine "ZOOLOGICA"
  • Member of the Board of Editors of "Entomological Problems"
  • Member of the Advisory Board of "Entomologia generalis"


  • 1993 State teaching award
  • 1995 "GJ Mendel Honorary Medal for Merit in the Biological Sciences" of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
  • 2001 " Ernst Jünger Prize for Entomology "

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