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Werner Spickenreuther (born February 14, 1930 in Olbernhau ; † July 17, 2015 ) was a German teacher and local researcher in the Saxon Ore Mountains .


At the age of 18, Spickenreuther became a new teacher at the later Ewald-Mende-Oberschule in Großolbersdorf , where he taught geography, German and English. In 1957 he made up for the state examination in distance learning. In 1951 he took over the school union leadership and later became a member of the district commission for geography. After his marriage he moved to Lauterbach (Marienberg) . 1965 was the initiator and co-founder of the Active for Monument Preservation at the Marienberg District Council . It is thanks to him that the historic town center of Marienberg was placed under monument protection.

Even in his youth he was interested in the fine arts and rural architecture, in particular in the log, surrounding and half-timbered construction in Saxony , the Czech Republic and Poland, as well as in fortified churches .



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Werner Spickenreuther also published articles in:

  • The homeland friend for the Ore Mountains
  • Erzgebirge Homeland Papers , z. B. Hauenstein Castle and Palace / Horni hrad , in: Erzgebirgische Heimatblätter 2007/5, pp. 12–13.
  • Our home town
  • Good luck for
  • Calendar Saxon mountain home
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  • Monuments in the Flöha district, 1992
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