Wilhelm Bracke

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Wilhelm Bracke
Samuel Spiers and Wilhelm Bracke's theses on the democratic program by Johann Jacoby 1868
Wilhelm Bracke
Grave of Wilhelm Brackes and his wife Emilie, b. Walter, in the Petrifriedhof .

Hermann August Franz Wilhelm Gotthard Bracke (born May 29, 1842 in Braunschweig , † April 27, 1880 there ) was a German social democrat , publisher and publicist . He was instrumental in founding the Social Democratic Workers' Party of Germany (SDAP), the forerunner of today's SPD .

life and work

Born as the son of Andreas Bracke, a miller and a Braunschweig grain trader, he went to a secondary school , contrary to his father's wishes, to complete a commercial apprenticeship so that he could later take over his father’s trading business after attending the Martino-Katharineum . He himself wanted to study physics or chemistry later. During his studies at the Collegium Carolinum he became a member of the General German Workers' Association (ADAV), which was founded by Ferdinand Lassalle , and co-founded the Braunschweig fraternity Germania in autumn 1861.

Over time, he became increasingly active on a political level. On September 6, 1865, he founded a section of the General German Workers' Association in Braunschweig, organized meetings and became a member of the board of directors of the ADAV.

Bracke married Emilie Walter on January 24, 1869, the daughter of the master carpenter Karl Heinrich Walter (1813–1879) from Eschershausen and his wife Johanne Caroline Gerke (1814–1885). The Bracke-Walter marriage had five children.

In 1869 he met Karl Marx in Hanover with Louis Kugelmann , with whom he would stay in contact throughout his life. Within the ADAV he represented oppositional views that he shared with August Bebel and Wilhelm Liebknecht . This tendency led to the split-off of a group of members and the founding of the Social Democratic Workers' Party of Germany at the founding party congress from August 7 to 9, 1869 in Eisenach . After the founding of the party, Wilhelm Bracke became its spokesman; Braunschweig was chosen as the first seat. In 1870 he was arrested for a call for peace and sentenced to three months in prison. After his release from prison he founded his own publishing house and the newspaper Braunschweiger Volksfreund . Among other things, he published the first biography of Karl Marx.

In 1872 he was the first social democrat to be elected to the city council of Braunschweig. In 1877 he became a member of the Reichstag . In the Reichstag session on October 11, 1878, Bracke uttered the words that corresponded to the attitude of all Social Democrats during the Socialist Act : “Gentlemen, I want to tell you: we don't give a damn about the whole law.” For health reasons, he had to retire in 1879 hand back.

Wilhelm Bracke died on April 27, 1880 at the age of 37. More than 30,000 people gave him their last escort on May 2, 1880 . His grave is on the Petrifriedhof in Braunschweig.

A school in Braunschweig was named after him, the Wilhelm-Bracke-Gesamtschule (integrated comprehensive school with upper secondary school).

On his 125th birthday, the “ Börsenverein der Deutschen Buchhandels zu Leipzig” donated the Wilhelm Bracke Medal for “exemplary work in the service of books”.


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