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Wolfgang Torge (born June 4, 1931 in Laubusch , then the district of Hoyerswerda in Prussia ) is a German geodesist and author of several textbooks. He was full professor for theoretical geodesy at the Institute for Earth Measurement (IFE) at the University of Hanover . In the 1990s he was twice elected President of the International Association for Geodesy (IAG).

Scientific and international activity

Torge studied surveying at the Technical University of Hanover from 1951 to 1955 and was awarded a Dr.-Ing. PhD. Three years later he received his appointment as a university professor . From 1971 to 2002 he was editor of the journal for surveying .

Torge became widely known for his textbooks, especially the book Geodesy , which first appeared in the Göschen Collection in 1975 and has grown into a standard work in later editions . The English edition was also published in several editions and has been translated into other languages:

  • Geodesy - extended edition 2003, 369 pages, Verlag de Gruyter , Berlin.
  • Geodesy - Editions 1980, 1991, 2001 and 2012 Verlag de Gruyter, Berlin.
  • Translations into Spanish , Chinese and Greek .
  • Gravimetry - first published by de Gruyter in 1989 - is hardly less well known.

Torge defines geodesy in a broader and a narrower sense: the broad one includes all areas of surveying , while the narrower one - in the sense of the English "geodesy" - the higher geodesy and national surveying . His books mainly relate to the latter two subjects.

Thanks to his experience from engineering to earth measurement and satellite geodesy , Torge offers a comprehensive overview of the " state of the art ". In the last few decades, the subject has expanded in the direction of geodetic spatial methods , which Torge takes into account not only in the measurement methods with satellites and lasers , GPS or VLBI radio interferometry, but also in the underlying theories, including three- and four-dimensional modeling.

Torge's main area of ​​work lies in the basics of geodesy, which ranges from mathematical geodesy to various types of surveying networks and geoid determination . In the latter area, the Institute for Earth Measurement (IFE) has made a name for itself by calculating European and national geoid solutions in international cooperation. Around 1990 Wolfgang Torge began to develop the vision of a European centimeter geoid, which at the time seemed a long way off and should be achieved around 2020. In addition to geoscientific goals, it will also enable a centimeter-accurate transformation between terrestrial orthometric heights and the geometrically defined GPS heights, which was previously limited to around 5 cm. In the late 1990s, under Torge's aegis, a zenith camera was developed for the precise measurement of vertical deviations ; a few years later it was converted to CCD technology, thus promoting the combination of astro-geodetic methods with gravimetry .

Torge lives in Hanover.



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