XXII Copa Claro Colsanitas 2014 / Qualification

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This article shows the results of the qualifying rounds for the women's XXII Copa Claro Colsanitas 2014 . A total of 32 players took part in the qualification, which will take place on April 5 and 6, 2014.


Seeding list

No. Player Round reached

01. United StatesUnited States Nicole Gibbs qualified
02. SpainSpain Lara Arruabarrena Vecino qualified
03. VenezuelaVenezuela Adriana Perez 1 round
04th ArgentinaArgentina Florencia Molinero qualified
No. Player Round reached
05. United StatesUnited States Sachia Vickery qualified

06th United StatesUnited States Julia Cohen 2nd round

07th GeorgiaGeorgia Sopia Shapatawa 2nd round

08th. ItalyItaly Anastasia Grymalska 1 round

Explanation of symbols

  • r = retired
  • d = disqualification
  • where = walkover


  First round Second round Qualifying round
1  United StatesUnited States N. Gibbs 6th 6th        
   Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina J. Tinjić 0 2    
  1  United StatesUnited States N. Gibbs 2 7th 6th  
     United StatesUnited States C.-Y. Hsu 6th 6 3 0  
   United StatesUnited States C.-Y. Hsu 5 6th 7th
   Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina D. Herdželaš 7th 4th 5  
    1  United StatesUnited States N. Gibbs 3 6th 6th
     ArgentinaArgentina C. Pella 6th 3 1
   SpainSpain A. Parra Santonja 6th 7th      
   BrazilBrazil L. Pigossi 3 6 4    
     SpainSpain A. Parra Santonja 3 6 1  
     ArgentinaArgentina C. Pella 6th 7th    
   ArgentinaArgentina C. Pella 6th 6th  
8th  ItalyItaly A. Grymalska 3 3    
2  SpainSpain L. Arruabarrena Vecino 6th 6th    
WC  ColombiaColombia L. Arciniegas 0 0    
  2  SpainSpain L. Arruabarrena Vecino 6th 5 6th  
     ParaguayParaguay M. Gonzales 3 7th 3  
   ParaguayParaguay M. Gonzales 2 6th 6th
   ItalyItaly G. Barbieri 6th 1 3  
    2  SpainSpain L. Arruabarrena Vecino 4th 6th 6th
  7th  GeorgiaGeorgia S. Schapatawa 6th 3 2
   BelgiumBelgium Y. Bonaventure 6th 6th      
WC  United StatesUnited States D. Moreno caste 0 0    
     BelgiumBelgium Y. Bonaventure 6th 3 1
  7th  GeorgiaGeorgia S. Schapatawa 3 6th 6th  
   SpainSpain L. Pous Tió 3 3  
7th  GeorgiaGeorgia S. Schapatawa 6th 6th    
3  VenezuelaVenezuela A. Perez 3 3    
   RussiaRussia I. Chromatschowa 6th 6th    
     RussiaRussia I. Chromatschowa 7th 6th    
     FranceFrance A. Hesse 5 4th    
   FranceFrance I. Ramialisone 5 4th  
   FranceFrance A. Hesse 7th 6th    
       RussiaRussia I. Chromatschowa 6 5 1  
  5  United StatesUnited States S. Vickery 7th 6th  
WC  ColombiaColombia D. Monsalve 1 2      
   SpainSpain B. García Vidagany 6th 6th    
     SpainSpain B. García Vidagany 6th 5 6 3
  5  United StatesUnited States S. Vickery 3 7th 7th  
   United StatesUnited States N. Melichar 6th 0  
5  United StatesUnited States S. Vickery 7th 6th    
4th  ArgentinaArgentina F. Molinero 6th 6th    
   RussiaRussia M. Melnikova 1 2    
  4th  ArgentinaArgentina F. Molinero 7th 6th    
     BulgariaBulgaria E. Kostova 6 1 4th    
   BulgariaBulgaria E. Kostova 7th 6th  
   GermanyGermany C. Shakovets 6 6 1    
    4th  ArgentinaArgentina F. Molinero 7th 6th  
     CanadaCanada F. Abanda 6 6 3  
WC  United StatesUnited States D. Roldan 1 1      
   CanadaCanada F. Abanda 6th 6th    
     CanadaCanada F. Abanda 7th 6th  
  6th  United StatesUnited States J. Cohen 5 1    
WC  NetherlandsNetherlands A.-K. Alzate Esmurzaeva 2 0  
6th  United StatesUnited States J. Cohen 6th 6th    

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