80 meter hurdles

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The 80-meter hurdles was the short-distance hurdles discipline in women's athletics until 1968 . At the beginning of the 1970s , the 100-meter hurdles were switched to. In the age group of schoolchildren and in the senior classes (for men from 70, women from 50) there is still the 80-meter hurdle run.

Olympic games

From 1932 to 1968 the women's 80-meter hurdles were Olympic.

Olympic Games medal winners

year gold medal Silver medal Bronze medal
1932 United StatesUnited States Mildred Didrikson United StatesUnited States Evelyne Hall South Africa 1928South African Union Marjorie Clark
1936 ItalyItaly Trebisonda Valla German Reich NSGerman Reich (Nazi era) Anni Steuer CanadaCanada Elizabeth Taylor
1948 NetherlandsNetherlands Fanny Blankers-Koen United KingdomUnited Kingdom Maureen Gardner AustraliaAustralia Shirley Strickland
1952 AustraliaAustralia Shirley Strickland Soviet UnionSoviet Union Maria Golubnichaya Germany BRBR Germany Maria Sander
1956 AustraliaAustralia Shirley Strickland Germany team all GermanAll-German team Gisela Koehler AustraliaAustralia Norma Thrower
1960 Soviet UnionSoviet Union Irina Press United KingdomUnited Kingdom Carole Quinton Germany team all GermanAll-German team Gisela Birkemeyer
1964 Germany team all GermanAll-German team Karin Balzer PolandPoland Teresa Ciepły AustraliaAustralia Pam Kilborn
1968 AustraliaAustralia Maureen Caird AustraliaAustralia Pam Kilborn China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China Chi Cheng


The last official world record was set by the Soviet athlete Vera Korsakova on June 16, 1968 with 10.2 seconds. The Australian Maureen Caird ( Olympic Summer Games 1968 ) holds the Olympic record with 10.3 seconds.

For more information and history, see 100 meter hurdles .