District Court of Haag in Upper Bavaria

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The former district court

The District Court of Haag in Upper Bavaria (also District Court of Haag i.OB ) was a district court that existed from 1879 to 1970 and was based in Haag in Upper Bavaria .


Until 1803, Haag was a "free imperial county not incorporated into the Bavarian Courlands " with its own court , albeit dominated by Bavaria . Subsequently, a district court of the older order was formed in Haag and Wasserburg am Inn . The administrative and legal tasks of the regional court were separated in 1862. The district office of Wasserburg was re-established through the merger of the older regional courts of Haag and Wasserburg. In the area of ​​the royal Bavarian district office Wasserburg there were two district communities Haag and Wasserburg. On the occasion of the introduction of the Courts Constitution Act on October 1, 1879, it was renamed the Haag District Court in Upper Bavaria. The higher-level instances were the Traunstein Regional Court and the Munich Higher Regional Court . With effect from January 1, 1970, the district court of Haag i.OB was dissolved and its district assigned to the district court of Wasserburg am Inn .


The court was located at Marktplatz 7. The former district court and today's town hall is a three-storey free-standing hipped roof building with plastered structure, a dwelling and a sloping stand bay, in the core in 1851. It was rebuilt in 2003/04.


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Coordinates: 48 ° 9 '40.4 "  N , 12 ° 10' 59.8"  E