Apu's way into life: the invincible

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German title Apu's way into life: the invincible
Original title অপরাজিত
Country of production India
original language Bengali
Publishing year 1957
length 105 minutes
Director Satyajit Ray
script Satyajit Ray
production Satyajit Ray
music Ravi Shankar
camera Subrata Mitra
cut Dulal Dutta

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Apus Way to Life: On the Road

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Apus way into life: Apus world

Apu's Path to Life: The Invincible ( Bengali অপরাজিত , Aparājita , translated: Undefeated ) is an Indian feature film by Satyajit Ray from 1957. It was based on a story by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay . The film was shown in the GDR under the title The Undefeated .


One morning in the city of Benares . Harihar works as a priest on the city's ghats . On the evening of a party, he gets a fever. Although he feels a little better the next day, he collapses in the alleys of Benares and dies of pneumonia after a few days .

After the breadwinner's death, Apu and his mother work as domestic servants for the urban upper class. With this family they go to the country as servants. When Apu sees the school there, he really wants to visit it himself. He becomes an above average student.

Years later, he is the second best in the district and receives an offer from the school principal to go to college in Kolkata on a scholarship . Apu's mother is not enthusiastic about it, she would rather see her son exercise the profession of a priest, just like his father. Apu prevails and drives to Kolkata. He rents a room in a print shop, where he works at night while studying, but lives rent-free. As a result, he falls asleep in lectures.

On his first visit, his mother asks him detailed questions about Kolkata. Two months after Apu's departure, his mother felt lonely again and asked him to come back quickly. Apu has to cancel her. After a message from a friend that his mother had gotten sick, Apu finally went to the country. When he arrives, his mother is already dead. Apu packs up all his things and leaves the town for Kolkata.


The film is the second part of the Apu trilogy by Satyajit Ray. He was again successful in Western film reviews, this time at the Venice Film Festival . In the style of neorealism , he focuses on Apu's emerging independence. His family ceases to exist.


“Second film in the trilogy by Satyajit Ray, oriented more clearly than the first part on the model of Italian neo-verism. Humanly haunting and formally excellent. "


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