Cold as hell

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Original title Cold as hell
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 2011
length 90 minutes
Age rating FSK 0
Director André Erkau
script André Erkau
production Björn Vosgerau , Uwe Kolbe , Ralph Schwingel , Stefan Schubert
music Dürbeck & Dohmen
camera Dirk Morgenstern
cut Florian Miosge

Arschkalt is a German movie from 2011 . The melancholy comedy was directed by André Erkau , who also wrote the script.


The film is set in northern Germany . Rainer Berg's father was the founder and owner of a factory for plate freezers that had been operating successfully for decades. His son Rainer Berg took over the management after Berg senior retired. Unfavorable economic developments and mismanagement led to bankruptcy. Berg senior sits chain-smoking in the old people's home and knows nothing about the decline. Rainer Berg suffers from failure and works as a supplier for a frozen food company. He didn't tell his father, whom he loves and whom he visits regularly in the old people's home , about the bankruptcy.

Rainer Berg is a misanthropist who has a sullen and unfriendly relationship with work colleagues and customers. He has no friends or a partner. When the company he works for gets into trouble, the company's management sends the attractive Dutch manager Lieke van der Stock to the site. After Berg insulted her with chauvinistic insults within earshot, she assigns him the dumb but friendly Tobias Moerer. Berg is anything but enthusiastic, but his job also depends on Moerer's successful induction and Berg trains him as a salesman. Moerer's sister is in trouble with her hairdressing salon, which is financially indebted by Moerer, but he tries to master life's challenges with naive optimism.

Little by little, the two opposing men surprisingly develop a kind of friendship with each other. Berg's father expects his son to celebrate his upcoming birthday in his old factory. When Berg tried to tell his father the truth, he learned from a nurse that his father had lung cancer and didn't have much longer to live. In order to spare him the disappointment at the end of his life that his life's work has been destroyed, he fulfills his wish to hold a "company party" in the factory. With the help of Lieke and Tobias, he succeeds in recruiting enough extras from among the customers, and the party in the actually closed factory is a complete success.

Berg, who fell in love with Lieke, indicated his affection for her shortly before she left. She goes back to the Netherlands for three months to bury her grandmother and to sort out her affairs and promises to return to Berg. In the end, Tobias wins money on the radio with which he can save his sister's hairdressing business.


“While the cold Mr. Berg has long praised the advantages of deep freezing and shock freezing (“ Everything ricochets off deep-frozen skin ”), wishes to be a fish finger and, to the displeasure of his colleagues, regulates the temperature at the workplace (“ This is here a freezer store and not a greenhouse ”), his emotional ice shell is slowly broken in the course of this story, as it can really only exist in a north German film comedy. It is a pleasure to see and, which is seldom the case with films like this, even provides moments of emotion between all the nonsense. "

- Jan Wiele : FAZ

“It's a shame, however, that the qualities of 'Arschkalt' only really come into play in the second half. The first part deals almost exclusively with showing what an unpleasant person this Rainer Berg is. Which gets pretty boring pretty quickly, because a permanent bad mood does not mean an exciting personality. "

- Daniel Sander : Spiegel Online


  • The plot is supplemented by Berg's lectures on frozen food, which are repeatedly faded in and the content of which fits the plot.
  • The film was partly shot in Bremerhaven . The Wikingturm in Schleswig can be seen repeatedly as Berg's place of residence .
  • Loburg Castle near Ostbevern serves as the backdrop for the scenes in the nursing home .
  • In one scene, Moerer teaches the extras for the company party the English phrase “My hovercraft is full of eels” - a homage to Monty Python's wonderful world of gravity .

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