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August Fournier

August (in) Oktavian Fournier (born June 19, 1850 in Vienna ; † May 18, 1920 there ) was an Austrian historian and politician.


August Fournier, whose father came from Braunseifen in Moravia , spent his childhood in Fünfkirchen ( Hungary ) and Vienna . After studying history at the University of Vienna and obtaining a doctorate as a Dr. phil. (1872) he undertook numerous research trips all over Europe - u. a. to Paris , Berlin , Marburg , Fulda and Munich . In 1885 he began his most important work " Napoleon I - A Biography ". In 1874 Fournier became a registrar in the archives of the Ministry of the Interior and later became its head. In 1877, in the estate files of the old court chancellery, he came across the secret treaty on mutual succession in the House of Habsburg . In 1883 he was appointed full professor of modern history at the German Karl Ferdinand University , where he also worked politically. In 1891 he moved to the Reichsrat (Austria) as a member of the German Progressive Party of the "United German Left" and in 1892 to the Bohemian Landtag . He represented the Tetschen-Bodenbach district .

He returned to Vienna in 1900. From 1903 to 1920 he taught general history of modern times at the University of Vienna as full professor . In 1909 he became a corresponding member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences . Fournier's best-known student is the historian Alfred Francis Přibram .

August Fournier's three-volume biography on Napoléon Bonaparte (a total of four German-language editions, each foreign-language editions published in New York City , London , Paris and Budapest ) is now considered a standard scientific work. It is by far the most important work in Napoleon research from an Austrian perspective. Volker Ullrich said in the introduction to his short biography of Napoleon from 2004 that it was "very legible and written close to the source" and "still the best German-language contribution to Napoleon literature". A large-scale work on the Congress of Vienna remained unfinished. Countless speeches testify to his parliamentary work - Fournier was considered a brilliant speaker. He published a large number of monographs , treatises and writings on the history of Austrian foreign policy and, together with the writer Dr. Anton Bettelheim published the 22-volume New Austrian Biography from 1815 . He is considered the most important historian of the end of the Habsburg era. Fourniergasse in Lainz in Vienna's 13th district ( Hietzing ) is named after August Fournier .

Fournier was married to Dora Gabillon , the youngest daughter from the second marriage of the castle actor Ludwig Gabillon . Their daughter is the psychologist Christine Olden . His grave is in the Vienna Central Cemetery .


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